Account-based marketing is an undeniably famous methodology for B2B organizations that target bigger accounts.For organizations that are attempting to sell into enormous accounts with long deals cycles
and huge arrangement sizes, account-based marketing offers many advantages over other marketing approaches.

The advantages of
Account-Based Marketing

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Prospecting abilities

SDRs are recognizable and an expert in
the language of sales – What are the
purchasing signs to look out for? What
words to utilize make clients purchase?
When is the ideal opportunity to pose
the right inquiries?
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Craft of tuning in

SDRs will effectively pay attention to
every discussion with the prospect,
hindering when they need explanation
and posing examining inquiries that
permit them to investigate the
purchaser’s brain.
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Item information

Our SDRs have satisfactory information
about the elements, advantages, and
shortcomings of your item prior to
making successful pitches and
associating clients’ requirements to
your answer.
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Online classes for Sales

Online classes expect individuals to
share their email ID, which makes it an
optimal lead gen movement. Ideal
online courses, with pertinent themes
and quality speakers, can construct a
brand around your business
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Using time effectively

The capacity to enhance time further
develops deals usefulness and
establishes a climate for elite execution.
This delicate expertise combined with a
CRM Software and different
advancements convey critical ROI for
any business.


Laser-target your best-fit customers hasslefree

Identifying target accounts is Stage 1 in Account-based marketing.

Just select your criteria and our Identifier module will give you a list of accounts along with contacts, corporate email, position and more!

Intandemly also offers a Chrome Extension which makes identifying super easy, while eliminating data entry for reps. Research your accounts and prospects, get up to date contact data, and push it into the Prospect module.

The most autocratic data identification for prospecting is here.

Search for Ideal Customer Profile(ICP) with regards to keywords, industry, location and number of employees. Intandemly provides fast, reliable and accurate data accordingly. Identifying the ideal profiles with Intandemly ABM is hassle free.

You can directly add your required ICP to prospect and start engage with them.

Investigating about accounts is simpler than any time in recent memory

Did you realize reps are multiple times bound to win an account assuming they research appropriately?

Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, or TechCrunch, Intandemly’s sales prospecting tool makes it simpler than any time in recent memory for your reps to observe contact data and win accounts.

Search your existing account and prospect data

Benefit from our consistently growing data set and observe B2B prospects first thing. Our inbuilt sales prospecting calculation looks for email locations and telephone numbers all around the Internet.

Advance Your Sales group’s Accounts and Contacts

Increment your sales group’s usefulness by giving the missing information utilizing our foundation. Validate sales outreach endeavors and empower the group to make a genuine association with their accounts.

Information Quality

Our accomplished team uses cutting-edge innovation and follows a severe quality affirmation cycle to check each data point we source.

Transform Your Target Accounts into Clients

Populate your prospecting with accurate accounts on Intandemly ABM.
Get ready to win more accounts with us!


Prospecting is Stage 2 in account-based marketing. Stage 1 is identifying the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

With your ideal customer profile all set, now is the ideal time to begin prospecting and assemble your rundown.

A successful prospect implementation creates collaboration among the ICPs and allows for a profitable healthy relationship that goes on strongly.

While working with partners, organizations need to put more importance on the relationship angle, as it’s the objective of both the partner and the managing organization to profit from the relationship. To effectively do that requires a solid and reliable tool for prospecting.

Unmatched Features

Better Outreaching Capabilities
Unlimited Imports
Pre-loaded Bulk Email Campaign Templates
Top Notch Campaign Management System
Hot, Warm and Cold Deals Segregation
Meeting Scheduler
Goals Tracking
Activity Tracking
Hassle-free Report Generation
Task and Workflow Automation

Automate Marketing &
Sales Process

Email Tracking
Get continuous notices on email
opens and snaps so you can
immediately design your best
course of action.

Set Follow-Up errands

Set up automated follow-up
assignments for significant occasions
like when a clients membership is up
for reestablishment

Send E-Mails automatically

Another lead just joined? Is a flat
arrangement ready to go for over about
fourteen days? Try not to compose similar
messages once more – there’s a work
process for that.

Analyze sales performance with full control

Visual Sales Pipeline: With only one look our software gives a total outline of your deals stages ready to go. Sort and channel every one of your deals with complete customization of your pipeline

Visual Sales Report: With a reasonable dashboard view every one of your data visually so you can up your game with what is working and what isn’t.

Start Scoring Leads

Create a sales workflow that is optimized to help you close more deals with
Intandemly ABM.


Set up an account-based marketing procedure

Easily oversee accounts, all things considered. Catch the prerequisites and coordination expected to convey profoundly customized and incorporated pre-sales and post-sales client encounters.

Account-Based Engagement

Engaging is stage 3 in Account-based marketing.

Intandemly has the elements and reconciliations your sales and marketing groups need to draw in targeted accounts. Easily adjust your groups around plays and utilize our alignment meter to quantify effect and viability.

Integrate cross-functional activities to orchestrate complex plays for target accounts.

Orchestrate Sales, Marketing and Operations with Plays

Sync and target your accounts by aligning sales and marketing teams.

Orchestrate account-based plays across groups and multi-channels.
Construct a work process for individuals around accounts.
Measure exercises and strategies against target accounts.
Access and influence account-level information.

Gain centralized influence to target accounts

With our integrations, you can bring your whole sales groups, marketing groups, and the remainder of your association onto one stage and pursue explicitly targeted accounts.

Get integrated to Hubspot, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics*.

*Pro plan only.

Intandemly ABM – The Complete platform

Intandemly ABM helps Sales groups find and close incredible records.

Higher win rates with firmly adjusted Sales and Marketing.

Drive income and increment maintenance with the absolute most complete B2B Go-to-Market Suite.

Intandemly gives the information you want to a far reaching comprehension of your accounts,  the dynamic abilities to draw in the right accounts with the ideal message at the perfect time,  and the conveyance capacities to make a move across different channels.

Intandemly proudly listed on

Brought together Sales and Marketing

Move as one group, flawlessly sharing information, experiences, and results.
Searching a perfect end-to-end ABM Suite for complete RevOps?

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