[Explained!] Account Based Marketing with Examples

The Concept of Account-Based Marketing is very basic. We begin by realising who our target market is and start creating meaningful segments and Identifying marketing programs. Most of the Marketing programs used in Account-Based Marketing are common to other strategies like outbound, for example, and this makes it very elegant.

Most people wonder if Account-Based Marketing uses the same channels as other marketing strategies, how is ABM achieving a better ROI? The answer, Intent.

In this article, we will see a few examples of Account-Based Marketing that could be personalised for an account in each segment. Each Company’s strategy will employ its own particular mix of tactics. mostly including their strengths.


The Strategies!

  1. Invite Decision-maker to your Events
  2. Create an online Webinars
  3. Send Personalised Direct Mail
  4. Create an Email Campaign
  5. Run Paid Adverts
  6. Implement Personalised Web pages


1 Invite Decision-Maker to your events

The in-person event has always been one of the most successful opportunities for the sales team to persuade decision-makers. These are designed with a specific account in mind and has segments to keep the potential prospect engaged, while still within the perimeters of their Industry.


2 Create an online Webinars

Similar to events, webinars can be customised to be relevant and timely for a specific target account. The only difference with the Webinar is these can be repurposed to another account in the same segment.

Unique webinar content can be created with a specific target audience in mind. To extension, Webinar and Event’s follow up can be tailored for specific companies.


3 Send Personalised Direct Mail

Favourite Tactic of a lot of people, mainly because of the ease of it.

In an age when everyone is overloaded with emails, Direct Mail has increasingly become a popular method for reaching prospects within a company.

Since ABM is more targeted, gifts and Marketing sent through direct mail can be a higher value in terms of revenue potential.


4 Create an Email campaign

Even with the popularity of direct mail, email is still a valuable marketing channel for account-based sales and marketing.

Whereas a volume-based marketing approach might use templates and marketing automation tools, Account-Based Marketing involves crafting a meaningful tailored email message for each and every client.


5 Run Paid Adverts

PPC and Paid Social Media ads are a very common way of reaching out to the target account on the web. Social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook allow you to target specific companies and personalised messages.

We strongly suggest you try LinkedIn ads as the reach there is currently much higher than any other platform.

So Using technologies such as IP targeting and retargeting your campaigns can be tailored to focus on a handful of target accounts


6 Implement Personalised Pages

Account-based marketing campaigns on the web don’t end with driving traffic through personalised SEM or Inbound marketing campaigns. In account-based marketing, we are only halfway through.

Once visitors reach your website, web page personalisation technology can be used to create tailored accounts specific experience to target prospects Versus a generic website experience.



These are some fo the examples you could implement in your marketing campaign mix. If you try them, leave a comment below and let us know what works for you the best.

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