Can I use Account Based Marketing for my business? [Answered]

Is Account-Based Marketing Suitable for my Business?


Account-Based Marketing is implemented by businesses with their main interest in acquiring high-value businesses as their customers. A lot of misconception and misuse of Account-Based marketing has given the impression that most B2B companies are better served by taking up strategies which employ a broad-reaching approach to their sales and marketing efforts.

Because Account-Based Marketing requires more emphasis on account-level personalisation than traditional marketing, it’ has created a huge window of error and made it one of the least understood marketing strategy.


However, advances in Cloud computing have enabled Tech Companies to create Account-Based Marketing for smaller businesses. Platform Like Intandemly is equipping marketers and salespeople to employ Account-Based Marketing with ease.

Previously only Large and Mid Size companies used ABM Strategies, but recently even small businesses and seed level startups have also started using Account-Based Marketing methods.



If you are a B2B company with a high-value product/service, then Account-based marketing applies to you! If would like to see how Account-based marketing can help you, please click here to start a 7 day free trial of Intandemly’s Powerful Account-Based Marketing tool.

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