Choosing The Right SaaS Metrics For Different Stages Of Your Company With Patrick Campbell

Questions I ask in this episode:

1 What is SAAS Metrics?
2 How do you choose Right SAS Metrics?
3 Why is Scaling Metric at different stages of company important?

4 How did your company metrics change year by year?
5 What is MRR? How do you calculate it?
6 What is Retention? How do you measure it?
7 What are the Objectives required to align MRR and Retention with respect to SAAS Metrics?

In this Episode you will Learn:-
1 Giving an introduction to SAAS Metrics.
2 Usage of Scaling Metrics at different stages of the Company.
3 Introduction to MRR and Redemption, their measures.
4 Objectives required to align MRR & Redemption.

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