How a Struggling Manufacturing Company Grew Sales by $1M in 1 Year with Todd Hockenberry

Questions I ask on the show:

1. Can you give us a little background about Tube Form Solutions?
2. What was TFS struggling with?
3. How did TFS achieve 10% growth last year after being flat in previous years?

4. What was the reaction from the sales team?
5. How has all of this changed the day-to-day activities of the sales team?
6. What are the three best actions that been taken and have changed the way they do sales?
7. How much did they believe in inbound and inside selling in 2016.
8. What are the key take aways for other manufacturing companies that are struggling with sales?
9. Final tips

You will learn:

1. How the manufacturing company shifted their reliance away from traditional outbound and in-person selling approaches and invested in inbound and then inside sales resources and systems.
2. How they adopted sales and marketing technology to help them create, track, and satisfy demand.
3. How in just one month, they generated over 90 new leads. Some of those leads turned into sales immediately.

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