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Ryan McInerney

The digital marketer’s role has become more interesting than ever before. Many MBA programs now have it as a specialization, and certifications through specialist organizations such as HubSpot and Google offers laypeople free opportunities to gain rudimentary skills.

But will attending these courses and obtaining certificates make you a digital marketing expert? The answer, according to Ryan McInerney, President of TechShepherd, an exemplar of the new breed of agile digital marketing agencies, is no.

In this episode, Ryan goes through what it takes to be a great digital marketer step-by-step.


Ryan McInerney’s Podcast Episode

Questions Covered

  1. To what extent should a digital marketer be analytics-driven?
  2. How do digital marketers become strong with social media?
  3. How much do they need to focus on data visualization?
  4. What technical skills will new digital marketers require?
  5. How does a digital marketer pay for social media advertising?
  6. How should they channelize email marketing?
  7. What technology tools and platforms must they be proficient with?
  8. How should they build their content marketing strategy?
  9. How do they embrace video marketing?
  10. Tips to people who choose digital marketing as their profession.


In this episode:

you will learn
  1. The difference between analytics-driven and analytics-informed marketing strategies.
  2. Tips for mastering social media marketing.
  3. Information on the technical skills today’s marketer requires.
  4. The importance of conducting integrated training sessions with your whole marketing team.
  5. Why digital marketing organizations need to tap into the power of using video.
  6. Why an understanding of buyer journey is essential to formulating content marketing strategies.


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