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The Stages of Account-Based Marketing Orchestration is one of the most asked questions we get. To talk about the stages of account based marketing orchestration, we brought in the best personality in the account based marketing space, Sangram Vajre.

In this episode, Sampath talks with Sangram Vajre and his take an account-based orchestration and discuss on topics like marketing activities, campaigns, and tactics require coordination with your sales team.

When you go through this podcast, Sangram Vajre gave some valuable key takeaways for successful account-based marketing orchestration.


Topics we discussed in this episode:

1. What is Account-Based Marketing Orchestration?

2. What’s the #flipmyfunnel model that you coined?

3. Stages of an account’s journey with #ABM: Demand Gen, Sales Pipeline, & Customer Marketing can you elaborate on this?

4. What are the key takeaways for successful account-based marketing orchestration?


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