Tips to Launch A Successful Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Campaign On LinkedIn with Jenn Steele

The math behind ABM has always been the case, but what has really propelled ABM into the forefront recently is the growth and maturity of marketing technology that allows B2B marketers to precisely execute and effectively measure highly targeted ABM.

Jenn Steele says that LinkedIn is a great place for B2B marketers to start with ABM because of its massive scale and B2B-specific targeting capabilities.

Just go through the podcast to grab the tips that jenn steele shared.

Questions I ask on the show:

1. Firstly Why ABM on LinkedIn?

2. Before you start planning ABM strategy, can you help us understand LinkedIn’s account targeting rules

3. Can you briefly talk about working closely with sales team to pick the right accounts

4. How do we personalize messaging to each account group

5. Can you throw light on updating/maintaining lists

6. Measure ABM results in terms of accounts, not leads – can you elaborate?

7. How do we Change up your offers, optimize efficiently?

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