Top 10 Lessons From a Profitable SaaS Startup


I have been running a SaaS for about 3 years now, and before that, I worked extensively in sales. When I learn the potential of Account-Based Sales, saw this huge wide space in the Small and Medium B2B market, I started bootstrapping and got in touch with a few developers, to start developing the core of Intandemly.

Almost three on, Intandemly is profitable, growing and establishing our name as the Account-Based Sales and Key targeted Sales Platform for B2B. We are expanding our selves into new regions like Law & Medical Testing. The list of our clients includes companies like CoMakeIT, CommVersion, COAS Business Systems, Centor Europe & More.


Some Highlights we are Proud of:

  1. Our first few hires were Sales and Development teams.
  2. We didn’t have self signups for the first 2 years. We onboarded every user, individually.
  3. More than half of our team is working remotely.


Top 10 Lessons learned:

  1. Cashflow is everything. Plan and budget for the next 6-12 months if you’ve figured out a hack.
  2. Don’t start building your product/service until you convince yourself you are willing to give this your next 10 years.
  3. Never rush for a co-founder/investor. Slow down and wait till you find the right one.
  4. Build an agile team. Better team players will help you scale better, else, you would end up getting frustrated.
  5. Listen to everyone, thoughtfully. You don’t have to implement every suggestion, but listening is critical.
  6. Understand the space you are operating like the back of your hand. A lot of effort and time needs to go in here.
  7. Don’t think about marketing right from the beginning. Focus your year 1 and 2 only on sales & getting the cash. Once you have the positive cash flow, go all out with marketing.
  8. There is never a good time to Go-to-Market. You should always be in the market, reading about the industry, listening to clients and improving the product.
  9. Customer is always way more impatient than your thought, and way more independent than ever before.
  10. Focus on Growth. Stay hungry for growth 24×7


Our Plans for the Future

  1. Double down on Social Marketing.
  2. Explore new Verticles and Industries.
  3. Stay profitable, keep upgrading.

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