Intandemly CRM, a CRM Software that assists you with
following contacts and sustain them to fabricate client base
and rehash deals.


Customer correspondences inconveniences make an
interpretation of straightforwardly into income and showcasing
inconveniences. That is the reason you want the best CRM
Software on the lookout.

Charm has CRM in it

Charm has CRM in it

 You can get fully operational with this CRM programming in only a couple of moments.
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More Focus Time

Plan calls, messages and snacks, and let Intandemly show you what to focus on.
Measure Accurate Results

Measure Accurate Results

Intandemly’s simple investigation get your business cycle down to a science. No really closing your eyes and remaining cautiously optimistic.

Intandemly CRM highlights
for SDRs

Prepared to use our CRM software
intended for SDRs?

Indulge with Intandemly, a cloud-based CRM for your SDRs. Intandemly helps SDRs prospect and draw in with leads more proficiently, saving time shuffling between various tools. In the event that you’re searching for a simple to involve CRM framework for your SDR team, we’re here.

Unique customer
relationship management

360-degree customer insights:
Access customers social profile, distinguish customer touchpoints (site, item, communications) and more from a solitary PRM screen

Lead Scoring:
Using our AI we give a score to your leads, in view of which you can close with respect to which lead is hot and which isn’t.

Automate Workflow for drives:
Schedule meetings with leads and customers, work together with your group on errands. Make fast notes against each contact, oversee and share documents

Have full command over your sales cycle

Visual Sales Pipeline:
With only one scan our product gives a total outline of your arrangements stages ready to go. Sort and channel every one of your arrangements with complete customization of your pipeline

Drag Drop Navigation:
Move bargains across your sales pipeline with a basic simplified.

Activity Oriented Follow-ups:
Make calls and send messages straightforwardly from your sales dashboard.

Analyze and Forecast
your sales execution.

Visual Sales Report:
With an unmistakable dashboard view every one of your information outwardly so you can up your game with what is working and what isn’t.

More profound Analytics:
All the information is of no utilization on the off chance that you can’t analyze it insightfully. Profound Analytics will assist you with pursuing more brilliant choices and doing your assignments quicker.

Simple, comprehensive



500 Records
Single pipeline
Contact and Account Management
Deals Management




Everything in Free+

50,000 Records
3 pipelines
15 Sales Sequences
10 invoices
100 Email Templates Email tracking (Clicks, open, views)
Sales Commission




Everything in Grow+

100,000 Records
10 pipelines
Unlimited Sales Sequences
30 invoices
300 Email Templates

Automate your whole sales

Automate your whole sales process

Set Follow-Up assignments:
Set up automated follow-up undertakings for significant occasions like when a clients membership is up for reestablishment

Send E-Mails naturally:
another lead just joined? Is a flat arrangement ready to go for over about fourteen days? Try not to compose similar emails once more – there’s a work process for that

Get Started and experience
Account-Based Sales

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