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How to Use

3 Steps to Generate Leads from the Businesses you want

CRM software

Download Chrome Extension

Leads for your business

After completing the signup, you will be takes through steps, to setup your Intandemly Account.

Downloading the chrome extension app will enable you to find prospects on multiple sites.

This makes it super easy to identify leads while eliminating data entry for reps.

Supported websites: LinkedIn, Angellist, Facebook, Crunchbase, Glassdoor.  More coming soon.

Insight over Your Data

Learn about your prospect, your goals and much more

Intandemly’s Buildin CRM enables you to manage your leads visually.¬†

Intandemly makes it easy to evaluate your entire sales pipeline while fully integrating with our CRM.

CRM software
CRM software

Turn Prospect Leads into Customer

Start Automated emails Campaigns and LinkedIn Touch ups

Your Intandemly comes with an email client, which is capable of automating various degree ofautomation like sending followup email to unopened emails, or sending catchup email set by duration between two touch points.

Prospect Research

Your Email Outreach page features prospect’s activities from all over the internet. Use this to minimise the time you spend on prospect background research, and improve email quality and engagement rate.

Email Server

Choose to send Bulk emails from our servers or connect up your own email server and ensure improve safe email delivery rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Automated Emails?

Automated emails include
1. sending Followup email to unopened emails,
2. sending catchup email set between two touch points.


Will all email send from Intandemly land in prospect’s inbox? How many will land in spam?

Sending emaili from your own email server will result in very low spam rate. It can be setup easily after your registration process. Contact us to get help anytime.


Is this suitable for B2B or B2C?

Lead Generation by Intandemly is better suitable for B2B.


Can I manage my entire sales pipeline using Intandemly?

Yes, with Intandemly you get an complete over view of your sales funnel.


How many Teammates can use Intandemly?

Lead Generation by Intandemly can be used by team of upto 3


Besides Google Chrome Extension, Email Server, and Built-in CRM What else included in this?

300+ Email templates
1. Sales funnel visualisation
2. Team Task Allocation Tool
3. Team wide live progress view

Start Generating Leads with Intandemly’s Chrome Extension

With Intandemly Lead Generation you the services which will enable you to find clients on social sites using our chrome extension, Collect all the details into our builtin CRM, and Start an Automated Emailing Campaign which features such as auto-follow-up on no reply, or e-mail again on reply.

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