Sales Territory Plan

As a person of tech, I can spend months on end, solving that damn bug, rather than sit and write a copy for sales. But if your side project never get any customers, it will always be a side project, and never turn into a business.


Sales is the life blood for any business, including Tech business.  This means, that as a tech founder you will have to step into the cold water.

Suitable for All sizes of businesses, This Free Guide is your lifeguard in the vast swimming pool of Startups, as it provide details on generating leads for you business by implementing Sales Territory Plan.


Using Sales Territory Plan, You will be able to understand how to:

  • Create and Manage Sales inside a Micro Niche
  • Differentiate and Distribute the Market between your Competitors and You
  • Take your Small Business (from being Young Startup to a Boutique store around the street corner) to next level
  • Use SWOT Analysis to Better Position your Business.

In addition, you will also benefit by learning how to

  • Establishing Parameters
  • Evaluate your current position
  • Setting goals and Creating targets
  • Developing Strategies
  • Reviewing & Tracking your progress

Download the Free Guide now, and find Clarity in your business plan like you have never before.

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