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Strategy & Consulting

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Hiring and building a team

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Onboarding and training

Intandemly’s BOT aims at implementing strategies, tools and processes while deploying the right people that continually increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and Marketing ecosystem

How we do it?


Determining the best sales and Marketing structure and strategy to meet new demands and changing markets can be challenging. By analyzing your goals and creating or refining your customer segmentation model, we can help identify the structure and strategy to best meet your needs.


Development of a well-defined sales process is critical to accelerate
sales growth. We can help you define the process of why, when, and
how your sales team engages with buyers to minimize the sales
cycle and maximize ability to achieve your revenue goals.


To attract the best talent and maintain optimal headcount, you can utilize our comprehensive hunting model to seek potential recruits, vet them properly, and hire them efficiently. We will help with your recruiting and hiring a world class team.

Onboarding and training

According to research, 80-90% of sales training information is completely forgotten with in one month.If you want sales training to stick, you have to reinforce it on a regular basis.

Deploying tools

Implementing sales productivity tools such as Account based software, CRM data automation, content personalization wizards, email automation, buyer research collection and more will give your sales process an instant boost in sales efficiency.

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