Patrick Campbell’s SaaS Metrics for all Stages

Patrick Campbell’s Podcast on The Right SaaS Metric


Questions I ask in this episode:

  1. What is SAAS Metrics?
  2. How do you choose Right SAS Metrics?
  3. Why is Scaling Metric at different stages of company important?
  4. How did your company metrics change year by year?
  5. What is MRR? How do you calculate it?
  6. What is Retention? How do you measure it?
  7. What are the Objectives required to align MRR and Retention with respect to SAAS Metrics?


In this episode, you will learn:-

  1. Giving an introduction to SAAS Metrics.
  2. Usage of Scaling Metrics at different stages of the Company.
  3. Introduction to MRR and Redemption, their measures.
  4. Objectives required to align MRR & Redemption.


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