Interested to know how Intandemly works?

Sales can keep marketing
informed on the go

Valuable information such as contact touches,lead status that solve customer's problems can be sent effortlessly.

Marketing can have sales informed instantly

Editorial content plan, Lead Intelligence, Lead alerts and Marketing can create an influence earlier by gathering Buyers information from sales.

Both can agree on the definition of an ideal prospect

This one is critical and with Intandemly you can have the exact same definition of the ideal prospect and you know you’re aiming at one target.

Use Intandemly to enhance lead
handoff process

A closed-loop system takes place where marketers can assist in nurturing leads, shortening the sales cycle, while sales can use marketing-generated context for more relevant sales conversations.

Communicate and collaborate

Consistent communication and collaboration decreases the chances of misunderstandings, leads falling through the cracks, reporting blind spots and missed opportunities.

Notifications and reminders

Intandemly really understand the impact of interactions and makes sure sales & Marketing are notified when a prospect action takes place.

Key Features

Using Intandemly, Sales & Marketing will have common terminology, metrics and goals.

Both departments will turn their focus to the customer, and that becomes their major priority.

Helps Understanding real customer challenges from sales and enables a relevant and scalable strategy for the Marketing.