Creating a marketing campaign targeting the general public is hard as it is. You have to understand your target market’s needs and address them at an acceptable price point and in a meaningful way. Easier said than done

On the other hand, if you’re a B2B business, that means your target audience is other companies delivering their own goods and services to their customers. Now, how do you approach targeting them? This can be even harder than general targeting.

In this article, we’re going to look at how creating a buyer persona can help you better understand your B2B target audience. Helping you better appeal to them and make more conversions. We’ll also look at what a buyer persona is and how creating one will help your business.

So keep reading to learn more about B2B buyer personas and how they can help you increase your conversions.

What Is a B2B Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona or a customer avatar is a detailed description of a customer’s personality, behavior, spending habits, and other pertinent information that make up who they are. In marketing terms, this information can be classified as demographics, psychographics, geographic, pain points, and the wants and needs of said customers.

Once this information has been collected, put it together to form a deeper understanding of your customer’s situation to better empathize with them and offer a solution that best solves their needs.

On the other hand, a B2B buyer persona is the avatar you create from an analysis of your target business’s persona, their customer’s personas, their solution to their customer’s pain points, their positioning in the market, tone of voice, and other relevant information regarding them.

The avatar or buyer persona will help you make informed decisions when approaching and creating marketing materials to use. It will also help you realize how the service or product you’re offering will help them solve their customer’s pain points, and better serve them – the basis of any business transaction in any market.

Now that we understand what a B2B buyer persona is, let’s look at creating one.

How Do You Create a B2B Buyer Persona?

The first thing you need to do is define your product and who it’s for. Once you understand your target audience, it’s time to segment the market. Because your target audience is other businesses, chances are, your options won’t be that many. But this is good because segmenting will be simpler, research on them more in-depth, and you can dial in your product to better suit their needs.

Most B2B business is about helping another business deliver its services better to its customers. Your best chance of getting the buyer persona right is by understanding their customer’s buyer personas and the business’s personality. Why? Because businesses create their personas to complement their customer’s personas to better appeal to them.

Once you understand these attributes, you’ve essentially understood what business they’re in and how your product or service can come in to help deliver better products or services to their customers.

So, to create a B2B buyer persona, understand who your target business customers are, what are their wants and needs, their pain points, how the business positions itself in this market, its tone, its unique sales proposition, and how your product or service will help improve their product or service.

This information essentially is the making of a buyer persona, but for it to be effective, you also have to ensure that your product or service is going to help them better serve their customers.

Why Is a B2B Buyer Persona Important?

It Helps to Create Empathy with Your Target Market

If your target market feels heard and understood by your brand, they will gravitate towards it and support it. People nowadays want to buy products from brands that believe in what they believe in and act just like they do. If you figure out your target brand values and beliefs, you can better appeal to them.

It helps in Creating More Effective Marketing Campaigns

If you can empathize with your audience’s situation through your marketing and genuinely offer them solutions that help them solve their pain points. They are more likely to convert into paying customers. Buyer personas help you talk to your target audience from their perspective and a place of mutual understanding.

Increase Conversions

The common trend has been to use B2B appointment setting services to get you into the door of a prospective client. But without a deep understanding of their business persona, making the conversion is almost next to impossible. But with a detailed B2B buyer persona, you have all the tools you need to make and leave a lasting impression, increasing your chances of conversion.

A study done by Broadview also shows that businesses with buyer personas are 71% more likely to exceed their revenue and lead goals and 47% more likely to exceed them consistently.

An all-in-one marketing platform account will also help you organize your marketing materials making it easier to access, edit and change your campaigns.

Ideal Customer Research

Concentrating most of your efforts on customers who are most likely to lead to conversions is the best use of your time. When creating a B2B buyer persona, you also do a competition analysis that helps you figure out what your competition is doing and not doing. This helps you pick the underserved segments by your competition to fill.

In the small market of B2B marketing, there is no need to try and serve a segment that’s already being served relatively well. Unless what you offer is game-changing or revolutionary enough to disrupt the market, otherwise concentrate on better serving the underserved segments. Your customer research while creating your buyer persona will help you determine this.


Marketing is a diverse and interesting field that helps us make informed decisions about moving our businesses forward. Creating a B2B buyer persona is part of determining what aspects of the market matter to our business and its success. So, create your buyer persona to help you better resonate with your ideal customers and improve your business’s prospects.

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Ideally, this blog rouses you to focus better on the digital side of your B2B business, we’ve accumulated the best five B2B marketing trends in 2022.


The top five B2B marketing trends in 2022 are:


1. Expand Brand Personalization


As the development of B2B businesses keeps on rising, having an interesting brand voice is more essential now than at any other time. Brand personalization empowers your business to hang out in the ocean of contenders and is a significant B2B marketing trend for the year 2022.


While customizing your brand, should mirror the voice of your interest group. By pondering the voice of your ideal interest group, you have a more prominent chance to grab their eye and relate with them on a more profound level. A brand voice refines the cooperation between you and your main interest group. Rather than simply having a name and a logo, a brand voice assists B2B businesses with relating with expected clients on a personal level.


2. Short Video Formats Getting More Recognition


On the off chance that you need greater commitment and correspondence with your true capacity and current customers, videos are the best B2B marketing approach. The visual substance is seen better by the human cerebrum, so it stays in memory longer. Videos can teach you about your items or administrations, further develop brand faithfulness, and increment ROI.


Short-format videos are regularly the most recommended video type for B2B businesses since they’re under 2 minutes and seem good for clickthrough rate. As a video’s length gets longer, so do views drop off. Ongoing marketing trends are pointing towards short-structure videos for web-based media posts since they skyrocket client maintenance, are really captivating, and urge clients to take the business to a whole new level and is a major B2B marketing trend in 2022.


3. Client-Focused Content Marketing


A typical wrong step that B2B businesses make with content marketing isn’t putting the customers at the bleeding edge while making content. In 2022, pursuing client-centered digital marketing directions will be pivotal in light of the fact that it tends to their needs and needs while observing an answer that turns out best for them.


According to ITSMA, the study shows improving access to high-quality and consistent content marketing adds value to the B2B Firm. Regardless of the digital marketing methodology you’re utilizing, keeping in touch with your interest group is generally a supportable B2B marketing trend in 2022 that additions and keeps up with the consideration of clients. Prior to plunging into a B2B lead age procedure whether digital marketing or cold pitching an organization should distinguish its main interest group. When you distinguish your main interest group, it’s essential to accumulate statistical surveying so you can make bits of content that reflect how they talk, and your SDRs can pitch items or administrations that most interest them.


4. Clients reviews influences in New-Age


Influencer marketing empowers brands to fabricate trust, raise the brand value, reinforce brand informing through true support, and be more connected with better-qualified crowds. This B2B marketing strategy won’t just assist your firm keep up yet assist you with excelling.


For the most part, when we hear “influencers,” we consider famous people addressing well-known brands or bloggers sharing tricks of the trade. But honest clients are now called real influencers because their genuine responses impact purchasing choices of customers. Keeping aside from what you might not have known about them as thought innovators in your industry, clients’ honest review videos can influence others to trust and invest in your B2B company hence increasing the brand value. This B2B marketing trend never fades, even after 2022.


5. Storytelling Artistically Will Enhance Brand Value


Storytelling is a significant piece of B2B marketing, however as of now, customers don’t simply purchase an item, they are more likely to purchase a personality that accompanies it. Buyers lean toward a more legitimate and genuine brand persona that is more sensible in enhancing brand value.


So digital storytelling incorporates streaming your organization’s brand values, history, and stories behind your administrations through all conceivable digital channels. Not quite the same as publicizing, this kind of advancement is seen as more veritable and dependable.


Such a methodology may not be the number one point at this moment however, will have a major impact over the long haul of your sales cycle progress.


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What is Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the total worth to a business of a customer over the entire time of their relationship. It’s a significant measurement as it costs less to continue to exist, customers than it does to gain new ones, so expanding the value of your current customers is an incredible method for driving development.

Lifetime Value (LTV) is known to be generally utilized in B2C businesses however, on the off chance that we check out B2B ventures, we talk about LTVs worth a great many dollars per account, which represents high importance for the business essentialness.

As per the Harvard Business Review, expanding customer retention rates by 5 % builds benefits by 25 % to 95 %.

No one knows when a customer relationship may end.


How Might You Increase Your Average Customer’s LTV?

These 4 Strategies will leverage Account-Based Marketing Customer Lifetime Value.

  1. Develop your onboarding cycle

One explanation your client LTV may be lower than it ought to be is that new clients observe your item as difficult to learn and utilize. In the event that you sell a SaaS application, for instance, the simplicity of your onboarding cycle is basic. Clients who become disappointed on the initial not many occasions attempt to find out more about your item are more averse to remain with that item for long.

Conversely, an easy-to-use and wonderful onboarding experience can make new clients quick aficionados of your items and your organization. That can prompt a few positive follow-on impacts. These clients will be bound to stay with your item for as long as possible. They’re bound to become bosses of your item to colleagues across their organization. They’re additionally bound to be keen on different items you offer.

  1. Offer Unconditional Help

Another way various associations undermine their LTV is by forgetting to offer astonishing assistance for customers. A basic procedure for keeping a somewhat involved acquaintance with customers is to guarantee your gathering is there for them when they need help.

In this manner, it’s critical to guarantee your customer administration is tip top. As a thing director or thing pioneer, you can do this by guaranteeing your assistance bunch gets planning and information on new things and all updates to existing ones. We propose including people from the assistance bunch in your thing, bargains, and displaying discussions even more consistently. This will assist your SDRs with seeing better, who your customers are and what they’re anticipating from your items to handle their issues.

All of this will assist with making these reps more viable and sympathetic when clients call—which will improve the probability that they will remain clients over a more extended time period.

  1. Development Revenue – Upsell and Cross-Sell

In the event that you sell a few correlative items or administrations, have diverse evaluating levels, or charge dependent on item utilization, seats, and so on – upselling is perhaps the most straightforward method for raising your CLV. Upselling and strategically pitching (which is comparative, yet not the equivalent) are two straightforward, compelling ways of expanding how much cash your clients spend on your business.

Upselling is the craft of selling a more costly form of a particular item or administration. Assuming you convey assistance, upselling could mean expanding the extent of that help. Assuming you offer SaaS programming, it very well may be helping a client redesign from a fundamental arrangement to a more costly one. Upselling is especially valuable since, as per information, 70-95% of income is created by it, while just 5-30% comes from the underlying deal.

Strategically pitching, then again, is the craft of selling a comparative, integral item or administration to your clients. A business hoping to purchase a site space would almost certainly be keen on web facilitating and security assurance benefits as well, so they’re a characteristic decision for you to strategically pitch and increment the worth of the exchange.

  1. Free Trials, Demo Versions, or Gifts – Valuable for customer retention.  

Free trials or gifts are a typical staple of deals strategies and in light of current circumstances – they work. Individuals love to get something in vain; despite the fact that we as a whole realize that it’s to help draw in and assemble connections.

Far better than simply parting with things in vain is to incorporate giveaways into a bigger test process. Assuming you’ve fostered another item or administration for the market and need to get criticism on it then, at that point, give it to clients in vain.

Showing that you esteem your clients’ perspectives is an extraordinary method of causing them to feel better – in addition to you’ll get important criticism for very little expense.

Rewarding your most faithful clients will without a doubt build their fulfillment and maintenance long haul.

Retain and gain more customers with high customer lifetime value with Intandemly.

The complete guide to increase ABM sales growth for B2B small business owners. You can grow your business by tracking down ways of expanding sales or by searching for new business sectors. To increase sales with Account-Based Marketing Sales Software you might need to present new ways or administrations, extend your market, increase your showcasing exercises or further develop client assistance through SDRs (Sales Development Reps).

All through the pandemic, organizations have expected to persistently adjust as client needs and inclinations develop. Yet, that speedy variation is troublesome when the business needs arrangements between the divisions that most oftentimes address expected clients: sales and advertising.

2021 has been everything except obliging, and 2022 may very well head a similar way. The spending plan cuts have quite recently become ordinary, however, the business sectors will require a long time to return to pre-Covid times.  Subsequently, it isn’t astute to pointlessly put assets in prospecting and qualifying leads.

ITSMA‘s most recent benchmarking overview with the ABM Leadership Alliance detailed that 76% of respondents who measure ROI observed they get the best yield on the venture from Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

In addition, administrators regularly whine about the absence of a center concerning sales growth. In this article, we might want to assist them with getting their conversation coordinated with instances of sales speed increase techniques.

Taking on an ideal sales growth system will rely upon various elements, for example, the essential goals of the organization and the assets accessible. It begins by addressing the inquiry: “How would we grow sales?”. This blog will give sales the board a decent beginning stage.


Complete Guide To Increase B2B Sales Growth using Account-Based Marketing in 2022


Make new classes deserving of a value premium.

Making another class requires three key fixings: an advancement offer, an advancement plan of action, and an advancement information flywheel. For this situation, the advancement plan of action could be numerous things. A firm could make a different arrangement of channels inside the current stage, opened by a superior membership.

Nearness methodologies that expect to strategically pitch the center business will generally be more effective, as the new offers should be unique and commendable enough to warrant steady spending by clients. At the point when Apple dispatched the iPod as “1,000 songs in your pocket,” it was inevitable before they got into selling music itself.


Measurements to Look for in ABM Marketing

Returning to what was referenced before, estimating key measurements has been the greatest test for most ABM advertisers.

Since ABM Sales can’t be measured by one single measurement, you want a few KPIs pre-characterized.

Return on initial capital investment isn’t the finish of all. There are different measurements you want to search for.

Measurements like…

Sales Pipeline Growth

To try and begin pondering how to further develop sales pipeline growth, you want to ensure that your sales pipeline stages are intended for sales reps, sales authority, and sales tasks to utilize viably.

Regardless of anything else, you want to plan your CRM sales pipeline stages considering a certain something: sales pipeline stages are for sales reps to impart inside with regards to their sales pipeline reliably. These requirements to take need over all the other things since, in such a case that your sales pipeline stages aren’t being utilized by sales reps, it doesn’t make any difference assuming you have a-list detailing because all that will be off-base at any rate.

There is no best arrangement of sales pipeline organizes that each organization can utilize. It’s completely subject to your business. To sort out common decency for you, you want to meet your sales reps to comprehend your sales movement. Here are a few inquiries to pose:

  • What do we do when we observe a certified sales lead to begin working?
  • What occurs straightaway? Furthermore after that? After that?
  • What signs do we need to realize they’re pushing ahead in the sales interaction?

If all these questions get a clear picture and understanding, eventually your first step towards sales growth will have a huge impact on the business.

Income Growth

While eventually ABM is tied in with speeding up income growth, as can be seen from the convincing numbers above, there are various aspects and results from any effective Account-based Marketing program.

Here is a portion of the early markers that show you are in good shape and will keep on conveying in years one, two, three, and then some.

84% of associations that use ABM saw an improvement in Sales Growth (ITSMA).

Return on ABM strategies

ABM is a significant change in the board workout. Moving toward it as everything except a hearty change the executives practice is a fast way to disappointment.

In case you’re understanding this, you’re in all likelihood all things considered:

Dispatching an ABM program interestingly

Attempting to further develop the ABM program you as of now have

In the two cases, this section will show you how to make a top-tier ABM program for your organization. These thoughts will give you great lucidity in planning.

  • Characterize your program’s objectives and targets
  • Pick what sort of ABM is appropriate for you
  • Foster an association with sales pioneers, and get purchase in from key powerhouses
  • Recognize target records and personas
  • Fabricate a superior presentation ABM group

Sales directors should initially search for promising circumstances with existing items in existing purchasers to improve sales growth in B2B business.

Bargains Closed

Is your small business sales group more current, less tenured, or used to an alternate selling movement? You might observe that their capacity to drive a deal to close is similarly a very remarkable variable.

Our Sales Experts utilize a sales tactic to audit bargains in play, get where holes in the pipeline lie, or separate a major theme — on the most proficient method to more readily request the close.

Your possibility should feel like they fit into a setup process. By setting appropriate assumptions and clarifying what comes next for them, you can in a flash form validity for yourself just as your organization.

Nothing adds more certainty to your pitch or demo than proposing that your possibility is now headed to turning into a client forever. Excessively regularly, sales experts avoid strong proclamations since they would rather not appear to be pushy. Start making statements like, “when you begin,” “when you sign the agreement,” or “as a client” versus “to join.” This switch in language shows faith in your item and your capacity to show the possibility of what they need to feel similarly as sure as your client or expanding their spend.

Change Rate

The rate at which Marketers are taking on Account-Based Marketing is truly amazing. A large number of us may have an inquiry as a top priority “will this thing simply stick”?

It’s now 2021 and ABM has become considerably more famous than any other time, as marketers acknowledge esteem in focusing on accounts and not simply leads. It’s not anymore about expanding the range of marketing campaigns yet contacting individuals who matter the most.

Marketers who have progressed to an Account-Based structure, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to reconsider the KPIs of your prosperity to leverage sales growth.

Sales Cycle Length

The sales metric Average Sales Cycle Length is the measure of time from your first touch with a possibility to settling the negotiation arrived at the midpoint of across won arrangements.

Normal Sales Length brings consistency into your sales forecasting. Utilizing this sales metric, on the off chance that you get a specific number of leads, you’ll know what your sales figures might resemble a couple of days, weeks, or months down the line. Additionally, if you set a KPI to lessen your Average Sales Cycle Length then you can speed up income development, a strategy regularly utilized for high development organizations.

By and large, your sales cycle length will be more limited in case you’re offering to SMBs and longer on the off chance that you’re offering to undertakings. Significantly, an item that requires customization can take more time to auction versus a the-rack bundle which will more often than not be more limited.

Essentially, the wellspring of the lead will in general affect the length of the sales cycle length. For instance, outbound strategies (for example cold calling lead records and email marketing cold lead records) will more often than not have a more extended sales cycle length because the client doesn’t have a lot of procurement goals at the place of commitment contrasted with inbound leads through a site or reference.

Given this, you might need to section the normal sales cycle length by lead source, prospect size, and the item you’re offering to guarantee you have an exact image of what’s in store. This will likewise assist you with observing freedoms to decrease the sales cycle length.

In light of your ABM objectives, you can have your measurement doled out.

Be that as it may, 2022 requires a superior methodology, even with ABM techniques. Look at these 5 renovating plans that can assist you with building driving sales for 2022.

  1. Laser Targeting the Niche Accounts.
  2. Merge Sales and Marketing Teams.
  3. Engage More Customers with Marketing Tactics.
  4. Update Accounts List Regularly.
  5. Track the Progress Frequently.


In B2B, you’re either growing or passing on. Income stagnation is a perilous sign. Sales pioneers ought not to allow their sales to group slip into it.

Assuming that your market is growing by the overall economy, as are your sales, your organization hazards before long becoming unessential. You don’t need that.

To speed up sales growth in business-to-business, sales pioneers should zero in first on finding sales openings with existing items in their present client base. They should use cross and up-selling, upgrade estimating and decrease client stir.

In the following five years, we accept that the quickest developing organizations will utilize progressed investigation and AI to resolve basic key issues, for example, what sales freedoms to seek after, what assets to allot to which accounts, and what practices to focus on to drive sales efficiency.

Lead-scoring algorithms would then be able to utilize these nitty-gritty client profiles to anticipate which clients to target when to reach them, and what factors genuinely drive lead transformation rates.

Currently, the days when lead age depended altogether on nearby field information are blurring quickly. Market heads of things to come are utilizing progressed examination to assemble a granular record, item, and geographic profile of every one of their clients.

We imply that sales is information-driven, empowered by computerized instruments, supported by cutting-edge investigation, and zeroed in on truly understanding the “what, why, and when” of the client.

Talk to our Sales Experts and skyrocket your B2B Sales Growth now!



Intandemly infuses its first growth capital from Manda Holdings, USA and get’s a multi-million $ valuation!

Intandemly has proved that to create an impactful company, more than money – grit, passion and obsession can get you there.


Here is how Intandemly grew from $500 to a multi-million company.

In 2017, I saw a market need for an affordable account-based sales solution for SME’s.

I took this idea to Kiran Madhunapantula – who was my manager at coMakeIT back then – He always believed in my potential and agreed to support me. We formed the company with just $500 as capital and established the initial infrastructure, thanks to Kiran Madhunapantula and Steven ten Napel.


Looking at our sheer passion – we on-boarded our first 3 customer’s even before we had a viable product. They even paid us upfront.

That money became our working capital. We then got our first team – Saran and Swetha Reddy who believed in my madness and helped shape our first prototype! We decided to stay bootstrapped despite multiple offers as we really wanted to ensure product market fit before we focus on scaling.

How we grow intandemly to multi million dollar company
How we grow intandemly to multi million dollar company


It took us 3 years of hard work and iterative tweaking to crack the exact product market fit challenge. (I know this is slow according to a number of industry gurus, but who cares?)


Once we found our sweet spot, we started focusing on go-to-market and sold the product to customer’s from 24 different countries, Samson Lingampalli played a huge part here.

Today we are profitable, bootstrapped and roughly have 50+ Intandemates which is more than a family to me.


To me personally, it’s a great success, but as Kiran rightly pointed out – “what got us here, is not sufficient to get us to the next milestone in our growth journey”. With that, we decided to onboard Manda Holdings as an external investor to drive innovation and customer success.


Important lessons learnt on this journey so far:

  1. Making money is easy – building a great team, product and business is brutally hard.
  2. Never compare yourself with another companies and how big their valuation is – your journey and timing is entirely different. Stay focused and love the process.
  3. Be grateful to all the customers whom you have failed to deliver or hated your product – they are the real teacher’s, provided you learn from them.
  4. You will go bankrupt a few times while building a product, that’s part of the journey.
  5. Reputation is everything. You will not realise this in the short term, but it will have unbelievable returns in the longer term. Honesty and Credibility can do wonders to your career trajectory.


Thank you Intandemly team for being a part of the journey! It’s time for us to feel proud about what we have done. Game is just got started and let’s build some great software!

Sampath Mallidi

CEO, Intandemly.

Businesses rely on various methods to get leads. These leads when nurtured can convert to a sale. For any sales funnel, most businesses invest to expand the top of the funnel. That way it will expand the bottom of the funnel as well.

Depending on the type of business you are in, your source for a top of the funnel will change. But for almost everyone, the rest of the funnel remains the same.

When you aim to sell your product or services online, you have many options. Of all the ways the most reliable method is a landing page.

This is because unlike most other online lead generations strategies:

  • you own everything on your website,
  • the reliability of others is minimal, and
  • Cost to profit, though high, in the beginning, will flip over as time passes.

Lead Generation Landing Page

In this article, we will answer the following questions

  • What is a lead generation landing page?
  • What are some of the Best Practices
  • Lead Generation Landing Page Builders
  • Lead Generation Landing Page Design
  • Lead Generation Landing Page Inspiration


What Is a Lead Generation Landing Page?

For some businesses, it makes sense to have a website to get leads. the front page of your website:; is your landing page. An article/blog page is different which has a URL like

Landing pages contain information such as a hero, benefits, USP, social proof and a CTA. more on this later.

These landing pages have the following format.

When designing a landing keep your copy distraction-free and focused.


Lead Generation Landing Page Best Practices

A landing page is divided into two sections. Above the fold and Below the fold. Terminologies carried over from newspapers.


Above The Fold

A section which you see when the website opens up. Below the fold is everything you see by scrolling. Above the fold, is the most valuable area of your website. This place should be carefully designed. Each word carries a huge weight.

Knowing this, it is important to keep above the fold clear and include only the following:

  • headline,
  • subheadline with unique selling proposition, and
  • call to action button.


Below The Fold

Most landing pages use the rest of the space on the landing page to go deeper. This space better utilised by the following:

  • Problem statement
  • Product value
  • Social proof
  • Familiar customers
  • Images of product

According to a survey, long landing pages convert 2X more leads than above the fold.

While creating longer landing pages, it must be kept in mind to avoid filling in keywords to make the copy longer.
Instead, try to create a copy which describes the products and its benefits.


Try to write in plain English. Follow the following rules:

  • Keep your sentences short
  • Prefer active verbs
  • Use ‘you’ and ‘we’
  • Use words that are appropriate for the reader
  • Don’t be afraid to give instructions
  • Avoid nominalisations
  • Use lists where appropriate



Lead Generation Landing Page Builder

Creating landing pages is 2020 is very easy. Thanks to various SaaS products you can make a landing page by simply drag and drop. Any website builder can give you the tools necessary for an effective landing page.

Depending on the use case, we are going to explain about 2.

  • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress sites
  • Mailchimp Landing page for Newsletters


WordPress Sites

Intandemly’s blog is built on WordPress. To create our landing page we use wp bakery and the page builder feature of WordPress.

This tool makes it easy to create simple and beautiful landing pages. It allows you to customise it however you want and has a few good templates you can build on.

The tool is paid, but it is worth it if you are already using WordPress. Considering you get to create good landing pages quickly makes it an investment.




MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services out there. If you have ever planned to create a newsletter, chances are you have heard about it.

Though MailChimp specialises in emailing, it offers a tool to create landing pages. Designed improve your email list, landing page created from MailChimp can be a good way to gather customer emails.

But is it a good move to use a builder? Whatever you are selling is adding value in the lives of your customers.


Lead Generation Landing Page Design

Businesses and Startups spend most of their resources (time and money) to build the perfect product. Microscopic details and tailored experience is taken care of to provide value.

But when it comes to a website, Why do we prefer to use an online builder. Hiring an Ad agency makes sense for ads, but not for a website design?

The best landing pages communicate product values to your Ideal Customers. When your product provides value, hiring professional copywriters and designers makes more sense.

It might sound like an expensive venture, but it pans out in long term. This expense is worth it if your product provides value.

Copywriters and designers work with the product team to create a seamless experience. This does not only showcase your product is better to light, it reduces friction in your funnel. Leading to a wider funnel with more people flowing from one section to another.


Lead Generation Landing Page Inspiration

Gumroad Product Pages

When you create an account on Gumroad and upload any product, they create a landing page for you.

For demonstrations purpose here’s an example. A landing page for a book.


The page is very simple. Here are a few notable pointers:

  • Starts with a full-width Image
  • Content is mostly text.
  • No paragraph is more than 3 lines.
  • The utilisation of bold and italic texts.
  • Full width “I want this” button towards the end.
  • Review right after the buy now button

The landing page you see is very standard for all Gumroad users. In case you feel this layout might not work out for you, check out Gumroad’s stats.

Gumroad’s founder shares such stat now and then. Going by the numbers, these types of landing pages seems to works for sure.

Apple Landing Pages

Of the best example of being innovative with landing pages is Apple. Check out their website every time they have a new product.

Granted, the majority of business do not have the same brand loyalty. But we can take learn the lengths Apple goes to reduce sales funnel friction.


Win Leads from Targeted Accounts

Generating leads for your sale pipeline can be a time-consuming process.
At Intandemly we provide our clients with platform and services to crack into their dream accounts. If you would like to win opportunities to close your favourite organisations, consider a call with us.

Please visit our Contact us page to set up a demo call.

Every salesperson was nervous about starting. When asked for advice, experienced sales executives would suggest to following guidelines and templates. It made things easier for everyone.

Growing and moving further in a sales career, your brain starts finding new ideas. When experience A lot of salespeople found themselves improving and extending well-known techniques. While some might come up with completely original ideas.

The more sales call you go on, the more Ideas start stacking in your mind. But how certain are we that these ideas will work out?


Sales Strategy Inspiration from Gaming

The trick here is to get to know your prospects well enough. Puppey is a Dota 2 player who said interesting when asked how he strategies against his opponent.

“Once you’ve practised and analysed your opponent well enough, your instinct becomes your strategy.”


Though said in the context of online gaming, it suits well for other lines of life. Human Instinct has always been our secret weapon. As an experienced salesperson, you can use the same principle when strategising. Be emotionally close to your target audience. When a situation presents itself you can determine your audience’s feeling. From there you can reverse engineer and design the perfect strategy.


Sales Strategy Map

Here’s a quick map. This is how our minds work.


An event triggers a thought, which invokes feelings. An event could be a visual queue to imagine oneself enjoying the benefits of a product or service, for example.

Reverse engineering this is where salespeople find gold. You have to get your prospects in a position where they feel the benefit of your offer. From that, you go backwards and find the thoughts which would invoke such a feeling. And finally, design an event which would trigger the said thought.

refer here


Sales Strategy Framework

These all sounds easy in theory but would take years of experience to gather such instinct. This can be solved by employing many experienced executives combining their collective experience. While having an instinct is important, strategies also need a framework and pillars. For an effective sales strategy, consider these four pillars

  1. Specialisation
  2. Differentiation
  3. Segmentation
  4. Concentration

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When a product or service does one thing, customer trust it more. In his book “Alchemy”, Behavioral Science expert Rory Sutherland narrated an interesting incident.

When an appliance company came up with ideas to launch a TV and a DVD player in one device for one price, they expected people to bonkers on it. But Instead, it was one of the worst product in terms of sales. When a product or service does too many things, people assume it is half-assing on both fronts. When in reality, it was a perfectly good TV and a DVD player.

A customer wants to be served by a specialist. People who specialise in one specific thing. When you are on a sales call or a meeting be very specific about the type of customer you serve. From here your job becomes to identify if the prospect fits in the criterion.



From the moment you get in the life of your prospect, it is natural to assume they are drawing comparisons. In their minds, they will try to fit you with something they are familiar with. If you are similar to everyone out there, you will be rejected. But here the crazy thing, if you are very unique, you will also be rejected.

The number of people who adopt The best way to win the majority of prospects in your niche is to be similar with a few standing out feature. Consider the Curve of technology adoption as an example.



There will be a few features in which you outperform your competition. Highlight that. Make that your flagship feature.



When you highlight your best feature, there will be a segment within your target audience who will benefit the most. In your strategy keep them in the centre. Design the majority of your effort to please and get the attention of these people. These are the prospects who will bring more value to you while enjoying the best of what you offer.

Set clear priorities and concentrate single-mindedly on prospects who represent only the very best potential as a customer.


Wrapping Up

Designing a sales strategy requests study of human behaviours along with product knowledge. The four pillars of creating a framework and designing your sales strategy includes: specialisation, differentiation, segmentation and concentration.

In this article, you’ll find the tricks our sales reps use while sending customised emails.

This article is part of a series on winning accounts. You can read about the Art of cold emails here, and the reason why customised cold emails work better than template cold email here!

We start by picking the niche. Understandable we are aware that each platform serves a different function. For instance,

  • Facebook is where we share personal life updates
  • LinkedIn is where we share professional life updates


That being said, a lot of people use Facebook for business use. It depends on the person you are trying to get in touch. Once you have aware of the niche of prospects, this becomes clear.


Search Google

Use various search tools to extend the level of your search. For instance, if the prospect is the COO and gives a lot of talks, try searching for
<prospect’s name> <“Talks” or “Keynote”>

Another use of google search is to find if the prospect was mentioned by other over the internet. This will give you an insight into the image and position the prospect holds.


Prospect’s Company Website

Almost every company’s website has a team page. You can learn interesting facts about everyone. Their bio will give you a brief info about them, including details such as

  • their role,
  • their responsibilities, &
  • the influence they command.


Personal/Professional Website

This can be rare for a lot of professionals. If you can find a professional website managed by the prospect, you may have struck gold.
People who maintain a website leave out a clean breadcrumb to get in contact with them. Following their website can give you a shorter path to them.



Almost all professionals are Tweeter. There is a good chance your prospect has an account as well. Here is a quick sum of up type of twitter users.


Created account but never used it

As the name suggests, they are not using twitter currently.


Frequent visitors but rare participants

They open up their twitter account once in a while but never tweet anything. Having no recent tweets, but occasional retweets and likes is a clear sign of this behaviour.
You can learn about their interests by check out the following list.


Heavy Users

The users who tweet a lot (a couple of times a day). These type of users are more open to have a discussion. If their DMs are open you can get in touch with them on Twitter itself.

However, It’s more important to break the ice on twitter and go brief via email.

You can also check out their pinned tweets and link in bio to learn their priorities.



LinkedIn has a reputation to be more professional of all existing platforms. There is a high chance that the prospect you are learning about, has a LinkedIn account.

Every user shares brief details like their experiences, shared connection, and about themselves. This is available on their profile page.

You must also be aware of two things.

  • LinkedIn notifies your prospect of your visit.
  • User’s feed can give you deeper insights


LinkedIn sends a notification every time someone visits your profile. This information is limited for free users, but LinkedIn Premium users can see the complete list.

As a researcher, you can overcome this by using sales navigator. Any visits by using sales navigator are not notified to users.

Recent activity of the user is like twitter or Facebook. The type of content user liked and comments on give you an insight into their interests.



We have listed out five platforms you can use to get prospects information. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to quickly open up all social media and get the relevant details.

Intandemly customer gets a feed built into our platform which shows prospect’s all recent social media activities. If you want to win accounts, send customised cold emailing, contact us for Intandemly demo.

Small and Medium Businesses are of the most growing segments in the Indian market. There are many ways to get clients and customers, here in this article we will explore advertisements routes. Here we’ll go through two phases whiich are:

  1. How to Identify Target Customer
  2. Which Ads to Campaigns to use


How to Identify Target Customer

Your target customers are the prospects which fit in well for your offering. These people appreciate your promotional strategies, while others might dispose of it.

To identify your ideal customer, check the following statements.

Define your product or service from the customer’s point of view. What does your product do for your ideal customer? What problems does your product solve for your customer? What needs of your customer does your product satisfy? How does your product improve your customer’s life or work?

Define the ideal customer for what you sell. What is his or her age, education, occupation or business? What is his or her income or financial situation? What is his or her situation today in life or work?

Determine the specific benefits your customer is seeking in buying your product. Of all the benefits you offer, which are the most important to your ideal customer? What are the most pressing needs that your product or service satisfies? Why should your customer buy from you rather than from someone else?

Determine the location of your exact customer. Where is your customer located geographically? Where does your customer live or work? Where is your customer when he or she buys your product or service?

Determine exactly when your ideal customer buys your product or service. What has to happen in the life or work of your customer for him to buy your product? What time of year, season, month, or week does your customer buy?

Determine your customer’s buying strategy. How does your customer buy your product or service? How has your customer bought similar products or services in the past? What is your customer’s buying strategy? How does your customer go about making a buying decision for your product?


Which Advertisement Campaign to Choose?

Once you are done setting up, you will be spending most of your time in advertisement campaigns. One of the most crucial aspects every B2B forgets to incorporate in their plan is, taking feedback seriously. Every B2B need to learn to take feedback at the right time, and make changes necessary in the plan.

Once we have setup up a plan, these are the various type of ads available to you.


Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is a good start to make your product or service to be recognised globally. The advertisements on the internet are called online advertising. The advertisements that you see on the various online platforms, for example, the advertisements that pop up in your website or on any social media is a primary source of revenue. These advertisements based on the customer needs can be placed smartly such that the product or service gets a maximum view.


Print Advertising

The traditional way of advertising that is paper will never be outdated. However, if there is one thing that’s certain about advertising, it’s that being different is good. There are still some customers who insist on print advertising. A return to print advertising and the tactile feeling and permanence they provide is definitely on the cards. Typically, print can be split into three subcategories:


Periodical Advertisements

An advertisement that is printed in a magazine, a newspaper, or anything else that comes out at regular intervals, is called periodical advertising or print ad. Over the years, print ads were the gold standard for advertisers and their customers. To grab the centre spread of a big magazine or the back cover of a newspaper meant millions of people saw the message.


Point-of-Sale Advertisements: Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers, Handouts

Although some of these media can be placed within the pages of newspapers and magazines, they are treated as a separate entity, usually because they have less chance of being seen. From something that sits on a counter or customer service desk to a glossy car brochure, small print media offer a more intimate and long-form way of engaging the consumer. Use this approach when you have more information than you can cram into a print ad.


Direct Mail Advertisements

The previous ways of advertising techniques can be incorporated into direct mail. It simply means that your printed pieces are mailed directly to the consumer. This is a technique that has been and continues to be. If it is creative and intelligently conceived and executed, direct mail can be a fantastic way to engage the customer. Do not count it out.


Broadcast Advertisements

To reach out to a bigger market, this kind of advertising has come which includes television and radio. Broadcast Advertising has, until recently, been the most dominant way to reach a large number of consumers.


Outdoor Advertisements

This is a broad term that describes any type of advertising that reaches consumers when they are away from home. Also called “out of home” advertising. For example, billboards, bus shelter posters, fly posters, and so on.


Bonus- How To Brand Yourself

You are the first person from the brand who will be known. Literally, have your product or services on various merchandise such that it reaches a larger audience. The marketing gurus say and I quote “You learn from repetition”. If it clicks once, repeat and believes the same applies to get people’s attention too. The more they see your business name, the more familiar they will feel with your business and that leads to more sales. Everything is interlinked.



To wrap up, no matter how much the world has changed, the fundamentals of sales have remained the same, because they are based on the fundamentals of human nature. And part of that is the success of outbound sales. It’s a solid foundation for salesmanship, and while it’s constantly changing and evolving, it’s not going anywhere.

Scheduling a meeting can be difficult, especially while everyone is working from home.

I and my colleagues have been working from home since the lockdown started in March 2020. I must admit working from home was a bit strange and difficult back then. We were placed in an awkward situation where we had to do our office works from a place of comfort.

The first few days have been like those hectic Sundays. We found ourselves working while spending time with our family.

Among all the teams at Intandemly, our sales teams were the most unaffected. Sales and Business Development Executives managed to maintain the same level of enthusiasm. In fact, they were able to grow their results.


Learning from our sales team, by talking to them I have learned their secret. They had perfected the skill of arranging and attending regular Meetings!

I have compiled this blog post with all tips and tricks they used to stay efficient. Here’s how they did it. The end goal is to learn how they managed to have the same level of engagement during online meetings as meeting in a conference hall


How to Get Most Out Of Meetings

Plan The Day vs Plan The Meeting

There’s a huge spike in efficiency when you plan the day, instead of just planning the meeting. By that, it means to have a task scheduled  Every hour of the day. If it doesn’t exist on the Calendar, it doesn’t exist at all.

Depending on the Agenda of the meeting, planning the day helps visualize a forecast of energy exhaustion. Some people prefer to have high-energy exhausting meetings early in the morning and end the day stress-free. Others prefer to start the day on a positive note and build up the momentum as the day progresses. They usually prefer attending high exhausting meetings using the momentum they’ve built thought out the day.

Give both a try.

NOTE: When you plan the day, you end up sticking to it throughout the day. Getting more work done, and having a schedule to stick with.


Sufficient Time To Prepare

Everyone’s living situation can be different. There’s no way everyone can start their day sharp at 9 AM. Some people have Children to take care of, and some have a spouse who is more active during the day. Life can be complicated.

That being said, Everyone invited to the meeting needs to be informed 3 – 4 days before the meeting.


Meet During The Common Active Time

Shifting from office to work from home, many professionals are not used to the principles of asynchronous messaging. It’s when the two or more people participating in a conversation are not active at the same time. The back and forth of messages take place over a long time.

While arranging a meeting, finding a common online time can be difficult. Working Especially when your team consists of participants from overseas.

This is why most remote teams are embracing asynchronous messages.

For the important meetings, you can divide teams based on their availability and have two leads driving both the meeting. Syncing later.


Make the Meetings Reoccuring

Many people might be opposed to this. And It’s understandable. “If it can be emailed, don’t call me” and here we are suggesting you have a meeting every week. There’s a reason for this. A Rhythm.

When the meetings are reoccurring, everyone gets accustomed to being accountable to each other. The urge to show progress throughout the week, motivates people to start work every day.

Having someone to be accountable towards, create an environment of growth.



Meetings with colleagues and peers are one of the most common human interactions at every office. When we started working from home, we were entering uncharted territory. Half a year later, we have figured out what is the importance of working from an office.

The more quick conversations you have with your fellow workmates, the faster you can grow!