Account Based Selling

Account-Based Engagement

Intandemly has the features and integrations your sales and marketing teams need to engage targeted accounts. Effortlessly align your teams around plays and use our alignment meter to measure impact and effectiveness.

Orchestrate Sales, Marketing and Operations with Plays

Coordinate and target your accounts by aligning departments

  • Orchestrate account-based plays across teams and channels.
  • Build a workflow for people around accounts.
  • Measure activities and tactics against target accounts.
  • Access and leverage account-level data.
ABM Platform
Account Based Marketing Strategy

Get centralised control to target accounts

With our integrations you can bring your entire sales teams, marketing teams and the rest of your organisation onto one platform and go after specific targeted accounts.

Make the best out of our Alignment Meter

We have our proprietary alignment meter which preciously calculates how much sales, marketing and rest of the organisation is. With this, management can begin to hold entire teams more accountable to their numbers and actions.

Account based sales
Ready To Implement account based marketing strategy?

By implementing Account Based Selling strategy Intandemly has made it easy to manage accounts of all sizes while simultanously allowing your company to align sales and marketing teams by using our propriety Alignment meter.

Try our ABM Platform and experience improved efficiency in your management over sales and Marketing teams by using Account Based Plays.

Interested? See what else is Included in Intandemly Grow and Pro

Engage Module is Available In Intandemly Grow and Intandemly Pro.

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