Sales Tracking Software

Penetrate Key Accounts

Delegate your outbound B2B Sales, and our sales consultants will collaborate with your company’s teams and help you penetrate into B2B key accounts using our Account based marketing platform.

How the Platform + Expert model works

1. Get the right account and prospect data
Our platform includes our home-grown engine that provides you with precise and accurate B2B accounts data.

2. Sales Tracking
Our consultant builds a sales flow that drives account engagement with personalized sales touches. We route active accounts to your team

3. Increase penetration
Our focus is to penetrate into key accounts for you. We penetrate and you win more customers.

Account based marketing

Experienced Account Based Consultants are here to help


Thousands of Hours of Experience


Strategic Support for your Entire Organization


Tactical Services to Engage Key Accounts

What our customers say about this model?

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