3X Your Response Rate with LinkedIn’s Hidden Voice Feature!

For those who don't know, LinkedIn offers you to send a voice message in the direct message window. This feature as of writing this article is only available in mobile apps, and not through the web app. However, we do hope this is added soon enough. If you are thinking why you should care about this feature, I strongly suggest you check out this article. Here's the TL;DR of the article: We always prefer to personal connection while meeting new people. By sending a voice message to demonstrate the importance we place on the person on the other end.  

How to send a voice message

Here's the thing you need to know before we start sending a voice message.
  1. The user must be in your 1st-degree connection.
  2. Send voice message with this rule in mind
  3. Remember to Follow up.
Let's go through these, one by one.  

The User should be in your First Degree Connection

In order to avoid spam messaging, LinkedIn wants you to be in connection with the people you want to get in contact with. This means the potential prospect should accept your connection request. To get better at this, you have to make sure you have a clean looking profile with regular engagement.
  1. Have a proper, decent looking LinkedIn Profile. If you are not sure how to get this done, I recommend you get in touch with Sally Illingworth. She has a free course which is the best way to get started on LinkedIn.
  2. Demonstrate Engagement on your profile! It's important that you keep engaging with in the same topic on which you want to reach the prospects on LinkedIn. Let me explain, IF you are in the business of Generating Sales, and you want to reach people to talk about your Sales Generation software, then your feed has to be filled with you interacting on a topic which is very near to sales.

Send voice message with this rule in mind

The 10:30:10 rule. Your voice message should be a maximum of 50 seconds. Nobody has time to listen to a full 3 minutes of your pitch. Be quick and relevant. This should be your structure 0-10 seconds: Focus just on introducing yourself, This should not exceed 10 seconds. 10-40 seconds: Demonstrate value proposition and what exactly your product or service offers. 40-50 seconds: all about the call to action. Leave something to get back to.  

How to send a message

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  • First, open the profile you want to send message to.
  • Click on Message.
  • Once the chat opens up, click on the mic button on the right side of the text box.
  • After recording the voice message, release the button, and click on confirm
  • Done!
Your voice message is sent... Now what?  

The follow-up

It is very natural for people to not get any response. Keep an eye on the user status, and if you see a "Listened" label for 2-3 days without any response. Send them a message again, asking if they had time to think about. If they still haven't replied, this is a cold lead. It's better to pass on with this and find new connections. Hope this helps. Comment below how do you use LinkedIn voice messages!