Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management

Simple customer relationship management

360-degree customer view: Access customers social profile, identify customer touchpoints (website, product, interactions) and more from a single PRM screen

Lead Scoring: Using our AI we give a score to your leads, based on which you can conclude as to which lead is hot and which is not.

Automate Workflow for leads: Schedule appointments with leads and customers, collaborate with your team on tasks. Make quick notes against each contact, manage and share files

Have full control over your sales cycle

Visual Sales Pipeline: With just one glance our software gives a complete overview of your deals stages in your pipeline.Sort and filter all your deals with complete customisation of your pipeline

Drag Drop Navigation: Move deals across your sales pipeline with a simple drag and drop.

Action-Oriented Follow-ups: Make calls and send emails directly from your sales dashboard.

Automate your entire Email-Marketing campaign

Email Tracking: Get real time notifications on email opens and clicks so that you can instantly plan your next move.

2 Way sync: Maintain your customer relationship and trust. Send an email through your own email client or intandemly and find that email in the send box of both apps.

Personalised Emails: Using our software, create email templates to avoid typing out the same message to multiple contacts. Personalise the templates and ensure they sound one-to-one.

Analyze and Forecast your sales performance

Visual Sales Report: With a clear dashboard view all your data visually so you can up your game with what is working and what is not.

Deeper Analytics: All the data is of no use if you cannot analyse it intelligently. Deep Analytics will help you make smarter decisions and carry out your tasks faster

Automate your entire sales process

Set Follow-Up tasks: Set up automated follow-up tasks for important events like when a customers subscription is up for renewal

Send E-Mails automatically: A new lead just signed up? A stale deal in your pipeline for more than 2 weeks? Don’t write the same emails again – theres a workflow for that

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