Finding Prospects on Facebook

Facebook as a source of Prospects

Facebook is right now at its apex of the user base. Facebook takes the biggest pie in most of the countries' social media share. Facebook is the number one platform in terms of Monthly Active Users, in many countries. Most businesses in 2020 neglect Facebook as a source of the prospect because of saturation in terms of growth. However, businesses forget that Facebook has a lot of users. Here's how you can use Faebook to get Leads for your business  

1. Find Hangouts

Basically in this step, you will need to find the place where your ideal customers' hangout. On Facebook, there are two places,
  1. Groups
  2. Pages
Groups Managed by regular people, this groups are sometimes a hotspot for spam messages. Visiting some groups give you the serious feel of the post-nuclear war world. Bots posting about courses, MLM opportunities. But you need to comb through and find people who are genuinely interested in the topic. You can find them by reading posts, which are not selling anything. Although I must admit, you will find groups which do not spam at all and are heavily moderated. Perfect place. These groups exist, but they are very rare to come across. If you do come across such groups, be sure to follow them, and engage daily.   Pages Pages can be started by anyone, and they are created to talk about one topic. the major difference between a Page and Group would be the ability to post on the wall. In Pages, only the admins and managers can post on the wall. Whereas in a group, all participating members have permission by Default to post. Both groups and pages allow all participants to comment. And that is where Gold lies.  

2. Find Engagement Gold

The organic growth of a page or group on Facebook is tied to the level of engagement they have. Higher the engagement, the higher the chance of finding quality content. If you want to verify the organic-ness of a group/page, check out the genuine comments on the old posts. The new posts might not have comments as maybe many members of the group/page haven't seen the post. Higher the number of actual valuable comments engaging in a conversation, higher the value that group/page can provide you.  

3. Find Common Point

Say you came across a person who comments a lot on other posts. This person looks like they are trying to engage and bring attention to themselves. Let's do that. Let's go to their profile, and see what they are all about. While going to their timeline, see what they are interested in. Who they are, and what type of content they are sharing online. Answering these questions will help determine if they are your ideal prospect. This is how you find prospects on Facebook. People who are going out of their way to be noticed, you go to them. Starting out, please refrain from pitching our product/service in the first message. You have browsed their profile. Try to find something you both have in common. Something you can use as an ice breaker and a conversation started. Protip: Be true, don't fake.   

4. Start Conversation

How do we message them? Say hi straight up? Short Customised messages with hook and a call to action. Keep your Facebook messages simple. Like an email body. Here's a sample Facebook Message

Hey James, How are you Came across your profile on London Tech Developer's group. Thought I come here and say hi. Saw you are into the new Raspberry PI 4 hacking. I love these machines.

How long have you been working in Tech Security? Have a great day! Ali

  Let's break it down.

Hey [first name], [simple started salutation] Came across your profile on [where you saw this person's profile]. Thought I come here and say hi. Noticed you are into [something they posted about]. [Talk about something you both have common in]

[Question, as Call to Action] Have a great day! [Your First name]


5. Carry Conversation

Once they reply back have a conversation. Get to know them better and share information. This message is all about helping them. Ask their permission to send a document over which would help them. Better yet, ask them to join your Facebook group where they will find amazing content.  



Talk to People

People new to online marketing, assume you don't have to talk to people when you do online marketing. That's far from the truth. while doing online marketing, you still need to talk to people but there some advantages. For instance, you can find people from across the world. Also, you could talk to many people, all at one time.  

Groups with Spam Messages

There are a lot of spam messages going on in some groups. Most people see it as a waste. But the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of genuine people in these group. They are trying to build their business, like you.  


Working on Facebook is time-consuming. But it has a lasting effect. There are many people on Facebook and many are consuming content like never before. Facebook still could be one of the best platforms to get attention for your business.