What is a pipeline?

What is a Sales Pipeline?

A sales pipeline report is important for sales leaders because it can help them forecast sales based on current lead volume and identify where deals are getting stuck so they can improve their process and better coach their team.

How can I create customized pipeline?

Here are the steps to create a customized pipeline:
  1. Click on the settings button
  2. Click on create pipeline
  3. Give a title to your pipeline
  4. Click on add pipeline.
  5. A pipeline will be created
  6. Add stages
  7. Mark “won deal” and” lost deal “and define which stage it is lost or won...these are mandatory so don’t skip them
  8. Click on update pipeline
  9. Click on set to default pipeline to set this pipeline as a default one
  10. You can delete pipeline by clicking on the delete icon
  11. You can delete any stage in the pipeline just by selecting the delete icon
  12. By deleting this pipeline your pipeline stages and deals automatically gets deleted
  13. So be sure before deleting it.