What can I find under Statistics?

In the statistics tab, you can view all the statistics of the Prospect Module (The statistics of the default pipeline are displayed initially but statistics of other pipelines can be viewed by clicking on the drop-down on the top-right corner)
  1. Statistics Dashboard list:
  2. Current Month sales block
  3. Current Month average sales
  4. The amount of expected sales of the current month
  5. No. of Open deals
  • You get the deals overview which is represented by a funnel of the selected pipeline and displays deals with respect to the stage and status.
  • Quarterly sales block shows the bar graph of sales in the last 4 quarters
  • Last six month sales show the line graph of sales achieved in the last six months
  • The goals block will provide a view of the goals achieved by a user with respect to the goals set by the user
  • The bar graph displays the goals achieved
  • The line graph displays the goals set