Aaron Agius on Valuable Content Promotion Strategies

Aaron Agius's Podcast Episode:

If you want your content marketing strategy to succeed, you need to increase your promotion efforts exponentially. The methods outlined in this episode are the same strategies used by the most successful content marketers in the world. Now it’s your turn to build a big audience with Aaron Agius.

Questions I Ask in this episode:

(And what you can expect to learn)
  1. To get started – how important do you think is content promotion?
  2. Do you think most companies promote their content well enough?
  3. How do you ask an Influencer for a killer quote?
  4. How do we make use of snippets for mega sharing on Social Media?
  5. While mentioning expert sources when sharing, how can one make this effective?
  6. Emailing our own sources so they read, share, and link to your Content, how do we strategize this?
  7. What techniques do we use to directly message influencers on Linkedin?
  8. How can we effectively contact people who have shared similar content?
  9. At the same time how to contact people who have linked to similar content?
  10. What are your tips on converting content into a video, SlideShare or PDF?
  11. How can content communities be used effectively?
  12. How to promote content on StumbleUpon’s paid discovery service?
  13. How impactful is Outbrain? How can we create content ads on Outbrain?
  14. Your final takeaway’s on Content promotion!

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