The math behind ABM has always been the case, but what has really propelled ABM into the forefront recently is the growth and maturity of marketing technology that allows B2B marketers to precisely execute and effectively measure highly targeted ABM.

Jenn Steele says that LinkedIn is a great place for B2B marketers to start with ABM because of its massive scale and B2B-specific targeting capabilities.

Just go through the podcast to grab the tips that jenn steele shared.

Questions I ask on the show:

1. Firstly Why ABM on LinkedIn?

2. Before you start planning ABM strategy, can you help us understand LinkedIn’s account targeting rules

3. Can you briefly talk about working closely with sales team to pick the right accounts

4. How do we personalize messaging to each account group

5. Can you throw light on updating/maintaining lists

6. Measure ABM results in terms of accounts, not leads – can you elaborate?

7. How do we Change up your offers, optimize efficiently?

There have been so many questions about different Stages of Account-Based Marketing Orchestration

Sangram Vajre speaks out that taking an account-based Orcestration to your marketing activities, campaigns, and tactics requires coordination with your sales team.

When you go through this podcast, Sangram Vajre gave some valuable key takeaways for successful account-based marketing orchestration

Questions I ask on the show:

1. What is Account-Based Marketing Orchestration?

2. What’s the #flipmyfunnel model that you coined?

3. Stages of an account’s journey with #ABM: Demand Gen, Sales Pipeline, & Customer Marketing can you elaborate on this?

4. What are the key takeaways for successful account-based marketing orchestration?

When making major marketing decision’s most marketers go through this thought – is it Account-based marketing or inbound marketing? Which one should they adapt?

Well when I interviewed Jeffrey Vocell from Hubspot he had a view that maybe that’s not the right way to think about it. As it turns out, the two strategies are actually pretty complementary when done well.

With all the confusion between account-based marketing and inbound marketing, we thought we would clear the air — and hopefully help show you how the two work together in this podcast.

Questions I ask on the show:

1 Can you tell us about your journey in hubspot?

2. What do you prefer? Inbound or ABM and why?

3 Do you think ABM is going to be the game changer?

4 Can you speak About Inbound Marketing and Account-Based Marketing being Antithetical?

5 what would be the Diverge point of Inbound Marketing and Account-Based Marketing?

6 What do you think is an effective step by step way for setting up Account-Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing

7 How much do you think sales and marketing should align for successful ABM or successful Inbound?

Questions I ask in this Episode:

1. Can you give an Introduction on What basis does one need to the Audience? Suggest any Survey tools?
2. What kind of Data do you suggest to use ? How does Google Analytics help in selecting the kind of data you choose for your blog?
3. How do you plan on implementing Data-Driven Improvements for your blog post? (Suggestions from real time works).

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Questions I ask in this episode:

1. Can you give an Introduction into SEO and How it works?
2. What is the added value that clients get from using SEO strategies?
3. How do you get motivated to convert your leads into potential clients? Have you faced any hurdles in this process?

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