Jani Aaltonen on Sales and Marketing Alignment

Jani Altonen, Founder of sales communication accession, In this podcast explains how sales and marketing alignment starts with the customer. According to a report by Aberdeen Research, companies that are best-in-class at aligning marketing and sales experienced an average of 20% growth in annual revenue. At many of these companies, the sales and marketing organizations report to one senior executive who’s responsible for both attracting and closing business but are never integrated or mapped to each other.

Jani Aaltonen's Podcast


Some questions I ask:

  1. How critical do you think is Sales and Marketing alignment in organizations? What do you think are the biggest reasons for misalignment?
  2. Do they say that there is always a cold war between Sales and Marketing people? What are the best ways to deal with them?
  3. How much are the current marketing automation tools helping solve this problem?
  4. What is the best metrics to align on if you had to pick one or two?
  5. How do both sales and Marketing agree on a common terminology?
  6. What kind of Goals and SLA’s do they need to have in place to make the alignment happen?
  7. Like the sales have commissions, do you think Marketing needs to be compensated?
  8. Who has the ultimate responsibility for making sure alignment happens?
  9. Your final tips to Sales and Marketers.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. How the current sales and Marketing teams are positioned?
  2. Defining a common terminology between the two teams.
  3. Building an SLA.
  4. Automation tools you would need to rely on.
  5. Sales and marketing alignment begins with shared definitions.
  6. How do Sales and Marketing align and build a pipeline?

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