Chris Raulf on Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Chris Rauf, the founder of Boulder marketing, in this podcast talk about the basics of SEO.     Search engine optimization is the process of increasing traffic to a website through improving (organic/unpaid) listings in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo for target SEO keywords. An important aspect of Search engine optimization is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Although search engines have become increasingly refined, they still can't see and comprehend a web page the same way a human can.  

Questions I Ask:

1. Differentiate PPC vs Search engine optimization. 2. Can you give an overview on how CTR changes for the first, second and the third organic result on Google? 3. According to the search engine giant itself, there are over 200 ranking signals in its algorithm and each and every one of these ranking signals can be placed into one of the five pillars of SEO. 4. The technical health of the website – How much does Google search console help you with this? 5. How do you maintain the functionality of the website? How much do we rely on web design guidelines? 6. Do you want to through light on on-page SEO? 7. Keyword search and how to avoid keyword stuffing and yet make it valuable? 8. Website Content Optimization and Creation. 9. Meta Tag and Alt Tag Optimization and how much is Google paying attention to it? 10. What all is included in off-page SEO? 11. Hyperlinking optimization and how strong are its ranking signals in Google algorithm? 12. What kind of authority sites do you recommend getting backlinks from? 13. What should be their rating with Google page rank or Moz domain authority? 14. Business list optimization. 15. Despite a recent Google algorithm update which addressed the use of press releases for SEO, it still works if done right. How can it be done right? 16. How much does social media marketing help you with the overall SEO strategy? 17. Search engines are constantly changing algorithms, how do you keep up with it and yet be impactful with the inbound strategy?  

In this episode, you will learn:

1. Why Do You Need A Search Engine Optimization Strategy? 2. Deploying a Winning SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy is Fun. 3. Understanding the Technical Health of Your Website. 4. Writing in authoritative sites. 5. On-page SEO. 6. Keyword research, web content optimization & Meta tag and alt tag optimization. 7. Off-page SEO - Hyperlinking optimization, business listing optimization. 8. Business list optimization. 9. Social media marketing.  

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