Fastest ways to grow a healthy pipeline in B2B sales with Sam Richer


Podcast Episode with Sam Richer



A healthy pipeline indicates healthy sales. Accordingly, building a strong, predictable sales pipeline is a top concern for B2B sales organizations that want to hit growth targets. The best path to success in sales is to build a strong, reliable pipeline and fill it with high-quality leads and Sam Richer gives away great tips on how to build a strong pipeline.  

Topics We discussed:

  1. Take us through your journey on becoming the best-selling author, top-rated keynote speaker and a trainer to sales and business executives worldwide? How does it feel?
  2. How can you build a lean sales pipeline from scratch if you are just getting started?
  3. How can you build a sales pipeline (Before it even exists) using Job portals?
  4. What are the secrets behind building lead lists with LinkedIn?
  5. What should sales rep’s “go-to” tools be to generate leads in B2B Sales
  6. How do you think Sales and Marketing should align around building a pipeline?
  7. How much does social intelligence influence a pipeline?
  8. Do you suggest sales reps to purchase lists and email them?
  9. Can you give some tips on cold emailing?
  10. What are the best ways to conduct targeted searches?
  11. How much do sales reps need to learn Boolean string search? And where can they get trained on this?
  12. What social tools do you recommend for building a healthy pipeline?
  13. To drive top-line growth, sales leaders generally have two choices: hire more reps, or make current reps more effective. Both of these avenues are contingent on building and sustaining a strong sales pipeline. What do you suggest?
  14. Your final tips on growing a healthy pipeline.

From this episode, you will learn:

  1. The basic difference between a suspect, prospect and a pipeline.
  2. Techniques to build a sales pipeline from scratch, using job portals.
  3. How to use lead lists on LinkedIn.
  4. How Sales and Marketing should be aligned.
  5. Tips on warm emailing.
  6. Understanding of targeted searches and Boolean search.
  7. Tips on sales team assessment and management.

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