Dorien Morin-van Dam on Twitter Marketing Strategy

Dorien Morin-van Dam on the Power of Twitter for Marketing

When marketers talk about the power of Twitter, what they’re really talking about is the power of people. A Twitter influencer is someone who consistently creates quality content, engages with their audience and stays within their niche. They also are personable, courteous, kind and helpful. They are true leaders and are great Twitter influencers. In my interview with Dorien Morien-van Dam, she goes in-depth and explains how to focus on quality over quantity matters, if you want Twitter efforts to have an impact on your bottom line.  

Dorien Morin-van Dam's Podcast Episode


Questions I ask:

  1. So what is an Influencer and what does an Influencer really do?
  2. Why does one want to be an Influencer?
  3. How do you find and identify Twitter influencers?
  4. So, how do you really become a Twitter influencer?
  5. How do you become a Hub influencer and a bridge influencer?
  6. How do you understand What People In Your Industry Enjoy Reading?
  7. What are the best ways to engage with another influencer?
  8. What are the signs that you would become a twitter influencer in your industry?
  9. Whom do you get influenced by on Twitter and why?

In this episode:

You will learn
  1. Identifying influencers in your niche.
  2. The difference between a Hub influencer and bridge influencer.
  3. Tips on having an editorial calendar specifically for twitter.
  4. Effective ways of engaging with an influencer
  5. How to use content produced by your influencer.

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