Why are the TOP sales people always so shameless?

Yes, all the great sale persons are shameless and have their own obsessions when it comes to selling. Ron Poiel was very exuberant and created a market for himself, Larry Ellison was the king of aggressive technology sales. He was famous for calling sales managers late at night and ask pointed questions on the deals status, Zig Ziglar used to be extremely shrewd when it comes to setting goals and quotas, or for that matter Napoleon Barragan was obsessed about using technology to drive sales.

A sale is not something you purse; it’s what happens to you when you are ruthlessly immersed in serving your customer”.

I have outlined few successful habits that all the top sales people possess: (Only a few and NOT all)

They are shameless about achievement orientation

Top sales people know what they want to accomplish and they plan their approach and style. They are not the ones who would blame it on internal problems, tough competitors, the economy, or anything else. They know that their actions alone will determine their results and they do what is necessary. Their goal orientation instinctively drives them to meet with key decision-makers and very well know that results alone will determine them and their success

They are shamelessly curious

Most salespeople are just not curious enough about the lives of prospects and customers they encounter. Top salespeople are naturally more curious than their lesser performing counterparts and have a childlike curiosity and understanding. They have a genuine interest in the lives of their prospects and customers.

Curiosity demands a lot of questions.They aren’t worried about being interesting as they are always interested. They typically start with “Tell me more about that” and from there they find a way to encourage the other person to share on a deeper level and eventually win a great relation with the prospect.

They shamelessly hype success stories

Successful sales people are amazing storytellers and do not hesitate in hyping the success and value they have created for their customers. Successful salespeople recognize that price is a factor in every sale, but it is seldom the primary reason someone chooses a particular product or supplier. They know that a well-informed buyer will usually base much of her decision on the value proposition presented by the sales person. They know how to create this value and they create this by bringing out stories of similar customers and make the prospect feel that they are taking the right decision.

They are shameless control freaks

The worst facet for salespeople to be in is to surrender account control and to be operating at the direction of the customer, or a competitor. In opposition, top salespeople take command of the sales cycle process in order to control their own destiny. They are absolute control freaks; they take their jobs very seriously and are always in the ruling mode.

They shamelessly ask powerful questions

In preparation for important meetings, Top sales people write a list of questions to ask. They anticipate what the other person’s needs or concerns will be, and point their questions around that. Many people prepare for an important meeting to talk about their product, by practicing their routine speech about what they’re best at. A top salesperson will stand out from the rest as they go into the meeting or presentation with a list of questions that delve into what the actual needs are.

They shamelessly follow up, follow up and follow up

The truth is most sales people aren’t good about following up. Top sales people think “Why to spend time meeting new people and targeting new prospects if you’re not going to work on making yourself and your product unforgettable?”

These people take the time to follow up in strategic and recurring manner, which makes them instantly ahead of the competition by 90%.

They are shamelessly thankful

Top sales people don’t forget anyone that helped them create a new connection. They make sure that they sincerely thank them and offer to help them with any connections they may be seeking. They understand that it is a huge effort and they make sure they do it as they very well know that routes them to new business in the future. They make phone calls and schedule regular ‘keep in touch’ breakfast and lunch meetings with people who have helped them.

What other shameless qualities have you seen in the sales people around you? Interested to know!

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  • Larry L. Boyles
    Larry L. Boyles

    This is a terrific and focused article on the qualities of successful sales people. Since sales involves persuasion and ultimately commitment by the client, it is instructive to consider these key characteristics and their interplay with other key roles within an organization. Learning from others is an expedited way to build hire and develop talent. Larry

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