Simple Technique to answer the most common question in a Job Interview

If you are a sales reps at the beginning of your career, you will find yourself in an interview, being asked this question, “How to sell a Pen”.     The question is fundamentally very basic, and has multiple answers. But what the interviewer is interested in learning from you is how do you approach a problem, and you create solution, offering your sales pitch. To answer this question, let’s do a little role play and assume that you are in an interview with the HR for an outbound sales role and suddenly you get the question “sell me this pen”. How would you react? Take the pen, hold it very firmly in your finger and ask these three questions to the HR. “When was the last time you used a pen?” Most probably the answer would be “I do not know” Go ahead and ask the second question. “For which memorable event did you use the pen last time” The Interviewer’s answer would be “Probably to sign a contract“ And, finally the third question. “Do you know which pen you are using for such occasion?” And she would say “I just picked a pen which was lying on my table and kind of signed the contract” Ok so that's when your actual pitch starts, go ahead with this: Sir, you do not have a designated pen for the most important occasion of your life, that is signing deals. We all live to sign deals and make business. Having a great pen is the least thing you could do. By the way, just this last week we’ve just shipped 10 boxes of this pen to Elon musk's office in the and there is only one box left. And this should yours, and this is your special pen. TL;DR
  1. Enquire about the needs of your customer. (create a demand)
  2. Match the needs of the customer, with your product. (Create a sense of urgency)
  3. Pitch your product, matching their need (generate a Supply)