Generating Leads from Landing Page

Businesses rely on various methods to get leads. These leads when nurtured can convert to a sale. For any sales funnel, most businesses invest to expand the top of the funnel. That way it will expand the bottom of the funnel as well. Depending on the type of business you are in, your source for a top of the funnel will change. But for almost everyone, the rest of the funnel remains the same. When you aim to sell your product or services online, you have many options. Of all the ways the most reliable method is a landing page. This is because unlike most other online lead generations strategies:
  • you own everything on your website,
  • the reliability of others is minimal, and
  • Cost to profit, though high, in the beginning, will flip over as time passes.
Lead Generation Landing Page In this article, we will answer the following questions
  • What is a lead generation landing page?
  • What are some of the Best Practices
  • Lead Generation Landing Page Builders
  • Lead Generation Landing Page Design
  • Lead Generation Landing Page Inspiration

What Is a Lead Generation Landing Page?

For some businesses, it makes sense to have a website to get leads. the front page of your website:; is your landing page. An article/blog page is different which has a URL like Landing pages contain information such as a hero, benefits, USP, social proof and a CTA. more on this later. These landing pages have the following format. When designing a landing keep your copy distraction-free and focused.  

Lead Generation Landing Page Best Practices

A landing page is divided into two sections. Above the fold and Below the fold. Terminologies carried over from newspapers.  

Above The Fold

A section which you see when the website opens up. Below the fold is everything you see by scrolling. Above the fold, is the most valuable area of your website. This place should be carefully designed. Each word carries a huge weight. Knowing this, it is important to keep above the fold clear and include only the following:
  • headline,
  • subheadline with unique selling proposition, and
  • call to action button.

Below The Fold

Most landing pages use the rest of the space on the landing page to go deeper. This space better utilised by the following:
  • Problem statement
  • Product value
  • Social proof
  • Familiar customers
  • Images of product
According to a survey, long landing pages convert 2X more leads than above the fold. source While creating longer landing pages, it must be kept in mind to avoid filling in keywords to make the copy longer. Instead, try to create a copy which describes the products and its benefits.   Try to write in plain English. Follow the following rules:
  • Keep your sentences short
  • Prefer active verbs
  • Use 'you' and 'we'
  • Use words that are appropriate for the reader
  • Don't be afraid to give instructions
  • Avoid nominalisations
  • Use lists where appropriate

Lead Generation Landing Page Builder

Creating landing pages is 2020 is very easy. Thanks to various SaaS products you can make a landing page by simply drag and drop. Any website builder can give you the tools necessary for an effective landing page. Depending on the use case, we are going to explain about 2.
  • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress sites
  • Mailchimp Landing page for Newsletters

WordPress Sites

Intandemly's blog is built on WordPress. To create our landing page we use wp bakery and the page builder feature of WordPress. This tool makes it easy to create simple and beautiful landing pages. It allows you to customise it however you want and has a few good templates you can build on. The tool is paid, but it is worth it if you are already using WordPress. Considering you get to create good landing pages quickly makes it an investment. link:  


MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services out there. If you have ever planned to create a newsletter, chances are you have heard about it. Though MailChimp specialises in emailing, it offers a tool to create landing pages. Designed improve your email list, landing page created from MailChimp can be a good way to gather customer emails. Link: But is it a good move to use a builder? Whatever you are selling is adding value in the lives of your customers.  

Lead Generation Landing Page Design

Businesses and Startups spend most of their resources (time and money) to build the perfect product. Microscopic details and tailored experience is taken care of to provide value. But when it comes to a website, Why do we prefer to use an online builder. Hiring an Ad agency makes sense for ads, but not for a website design? The best landing pages communicate product values to your Ideal Customers. When your product provides value, hiring professional copywriters and designers makes more sense. It might sound like an expensive venture, but it pans out in long term. This expense is worth it if your product provides value. Copywriters and designers work with the product team to create a seamless experience. This does not only showcase your product is better to light, it reduces friction in your funnel. Leading to a wider funnel with more people flowing from one section to another.  

Lead Generation Landing Page Inspiration

Gumroad Product Pages

When you create an account on Gumroad and upload any product, they create a landing page for you. For demonstrations purpose here's an example. A landing page for a book. link:   The page is very simple. Here are a few notable pointers:
  • Starts with a full-width Image
  • Content is mostly text.
  • No paragraph is more than 3 lines.
  • The utilisation of bold and italic texts.
  • Full width "I want this" button towards the end.
  • Review right after the buy now button
The landing page you see is very standard for all Gumroad users. In case you feel this layout might not work out for you, check out Gumroad's stats. Gumroad's founder shares such stat now and then. Going by the numbers, these types of landing pages seems to works for sure.

Apple Landing Pages

Of the best example of being innovative with landing pages is Apple. Check out their website every time they have a new product. Granted, the majority of business do not have the same brand loyalty. But we can take learn the lengths Apple goes to reduce sales funnel friction.  

Win Leads from Targeted Accounts

Generating leads for your sale pipeline can be a time-consuming process. At Intandemly we provide our clients with platform and services to crack into their dream accounts. If you would like to win opportunities to close your favourite organisations, consider a call with us. Please visit our Contact us page to set up a demo call.