Should we Sell During COVID-19

Every person right now is feeling an array of emotions and going by the current climate, it's certain to say if brands fail to gauge the global consent and blatantly continue to sell as if nothing has happened, it will damage the image of the brand. Consumers want just one thing from the world.   Companies and Account based sales Reps need to learn their market and consumer needs and problems, have empathy while Companies and Sales Rep present the solution for them. The COVID-19 crisis demands that their favorite Brands rapidly expand their empathy and feel the same way their customers are feeling.  

Here are a few Do's and Don't

DO Sell the Benefits

Try reading the audience. Some people are shifting to work from home for the first time. Some of your clients are still operating, and they'll require your product/services to solve their problems. Sell the benefits to them that appeal to the moment. Sell the benefit of how, when you sell, you are giving back and making life better and easier for others.  

DO Review Sales Experience

It's our habit where we ask our convinced customer to upgrade their service or opt for a better model right when we know they are more likely to say yes. This needs to stop. Quite frankly this is very sale-sy, and we don't want the customer to feel like they are in some sort of trap. We are here to help them, and they are here to get rid of their problems. Let's not run behind high-profit margin. Think Long term. When treated humanely, we are more likely to have clients stick with us for more than their regular consumer life cycle.  

DON'T Create Pandemic Based Sales

Let's clear some air. Depending on what you are selling, right now may or may not be a good time to sale. Whatever you do, please don't ask your clients to subscribe to your weekly sales newsletter, and please refrain from creating discount codes like CORONAVIRUS, VIRUSDISCOUNT or others of the like. It will permanently tarnish your brand image, reduce the possibility of sales in the future.  

The Aftermath

This pandemic will forever change the world and how consumers see companies. The much overdue transition from sales first view, to consumer first view, will make or break companies. How will you change your sales tactics? Let is know