How to Build Content Marketing Team for Startup

Content Marketing Team for Startups

IF you are just starting out in your startup you certainly need to market yourself and your startup. How do you go about starting and working with startup Content Marketing Team? In this quick article, we will go through what you will need to start your own Startup Content Marketing Team, how to work with the Team and an interesting example.  

What is your Startup's Content Marketing Team's Work

In recent years, content is everywhere. People don't like being shoved ads everywhere they go on the internet. Most Top companies have shifted focus on creating content as a marketing strategy. People are looking to spend their money on authentic and original brands. Businesses who are willing to be vulnerable and able to show their necks.  

Example of Startup Content Marketing

One of the best Content Marketing examples is Ryan Reynolds. Remember the peloton's advertisement which was trending a few months ago? Reynold's Content Marketing Team was able to find the actress, create a script, shoot the video, edit it, and release it within 36 hours of the ads becoming trending. This 41s video has 4 million views The advertisement was clever enough to not mention the Peleton's advertisement, yet was convincing enough for viewers to learn about the Aviation Gin. Content marketing sone right. Another example is a recent advertisement he created for the leap day 2020, he went out and found a lady who turned 21 and gave her a bottle of his Aviation Gin. Surely he has a great team which is working hard to find topics to create content on. Do enjoy the video.   What do I need for Startup Content Marketing Team?

Infographic: Startup Content Marketing Team

The following Infographic explains all the type of people you need to hire to have an awesome content marketing team for your startup.   [caption id="attachment_257" align="alignnone" width="1028"]Startup Content Marketing Team How to Build a Content Marketing Team for your startup[/caption]  

To Wrap up

These are the type of talented people you need to hire for your startup's content marketing team.  

1. Writers

People who are Passionate and are creative in nature make the best writers for the content marketing team.  

2. Social Media Geeks

There are some people out there who live in Snapchat. People who understand the ins and outs of all the social media. you need these type of people to make sure the message you have fort he people match with the platform's unique demographic. For example, Washington Post hired Dave Jorgenson to manage their Tiktok. And it works out perfectly!  

3. Data Nerds

Believe it or not, People are more likely to interact with your content if you present it with numbers in it. For example "Engineers said this bottle is amazing" works better if you present it with data such as "67% of Engineer said this Bottle is amazing" Your Data Nerds are responsible for finding amazing and interesting studies, publications and anything relevant to your company/Brand/Product offering. Keep an eye on the coming trends.  

How to Start

Get your content marketing team started by optimising your website to have a singular message everywhere. Keep in mind traffic from your content marketing team and their effort comes directly to your website where they will be expecting to be exposed to a plethora of similar content. Start your Content Marketing Team by providing access to your social media platforms. We suggest trying using platforms like to make it easier for your content marketing team member to be active on multiple accounts in different platforms at once. Train your existing teams like Sales, Operation and other to provide encouraging content to the Marketing team. Marketing is done by all the teams in your company, and not exclusive to the marketing team.