Tips to be Best in Sales by Grant Cardone

How to Best in Sales

When it Comes to sales, there are many strategies and ways to close the deal. The end goal of all sale is to find customers who will buy your products or services And to get to the end goal, there are many ways. And people all over the world debate over which strategy is best. That is not a good debating topic. The better question is, which strategy works best, for me. Everyone has their strengths, and you will need to work with what you've got. Some people look gifted, talented or lucky. Or so you think. We don't always see how long people have been working on their craft. The Truth is in most cases, people have spent the better half of their lives perfecting their craft.  

1. Learn Finance

Most companies pay their salespeople more in commissions than in salaries. And this is by design. The motivation to earn more and have a lifestyle of their choosing is at the hands of a capable salesperson. Money is evil. That mindset is a zero-sum game and it was true when we were farmer and hunter a 10,000 years ago. We had only this much land, and we can grow only this much Crops. We had only these many animals and we could hunt only these many times. We live in a semi-Capitalistic world and the rules are different. The day you learn financial literacy, is the day you will learn how to be happy.  

2. Where the Money is

All the money is in the followup. When you have someone interested in buying from you, there is a huge chance they will buy from you. But this will happen only in the second or the consecutive calls. It takes 5 to 8 calls to close most cases. And it makes perfect sense when you think about it. People will always hesitant in spending their money. From a regular old person earning per hour, to the girl working as a 9-5 techie, to a billionaire. Everyone wants assurance that they are not wasting their money on stupid things. Of course, they'll want to learn about it. Rationalise mentally. Ask the friends or colleagues, heck even Google its usefulness for themselves. It is very rare to see where people to buy from you on the first call. Here are some stats,25% of salespeople don't make the second call.48% never made the second call. Make the second call. Follow up. Because that's where the money is.  

3. Work Every Angle

We all have our comfort zones. And it is workable, and we can get by. But to get to your efficient self, you have to try new things.  

How to Grow out of Comfort Zones

From experience, I can say this, comfort zones are not static. they are ever-changing. As you grow and learn new things, you upgrade your comfort zone. Starting out, Samson wasn't confident at making cold calls. Scared of the rejection, facing people's hanging upon you, the who shebang. But with practice and consistency, he became good at it. In fact the best at this work. Relevant: Lead Generation With Cold Emails   Then cold emails came into the picture. Samson found himself in the same spot. The same feeling, a different challenge, different comfort zone. This time he knows the secret. If you do it enough times, you'll grow into it.  

Other Sales Strategies

  • Phone calls
  • Online marketing
  • Retail Visits
  • Social media
  • Referrals
  • Influencers

4. Write the deal up

72% of people in sales don't write a deal. The deal is when your prospect signs a paper and becomes your client. No deal is complete unless there money in the bank. If you are online sales and take payment online, this step is the checkout page. You have to bring the Customer to the checkout page and get their payment Details.  

5. Keep training

Never stop learning. Every day there something new out there that will change your life. Read a new book. Read an old classic book. R-read a book. The best blessing humans have is to forget. But it's also a curse. We have to go back and grab the lost knowledge. The day you stop training, is the day you start loosing. Training keeps you best at what you are good at. Training is growth. Growth comes to those to learn, adapt and show movement. To training yourself to be better at sales, you have to give time to learn the new tricks.


  1. Get your financial literacy right
  2. All the money is in the follow-up
  3. You have to mix up your strategies
  4. Write the deal up
  5. Keep training

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