How to Incorporate Video in Your Sales Outreach Strategy [VIDEO]

While B2C companies have been using videos to gain more sales & strengthen their customer-brand relation, B2B companies have been downplaying the importance of video in their sales outreach process. Traditional TV adverts aside there are multiple ways video could be incorporated in your Sales outreach. In this video, Sampath Mallidi goes through 5 tips he suggests companies should start incorporating videos in their outreach. The video goes into multiple topics and we highly recommend you check it out. In this article, however, we will go through the thesis of why you should be using the video medium to improve your brand image, improve sales outreach, and stay up to date with the trends of today.  

What type of Video Should I make

Not everyone will go through a 30 page written guide to use their newly subscribed SaaS product. There are a lot of places you could incorporate a video.
  1. User Guide. Explain how your product is helpful to take the user towards their goals
  2. User Onboarding. Welcome the user, and show them all the features
  3. Frequently Asked Question. Most common questions, doubts, and misconceptions about your product
  4. New Feature. Introducing new upgrades to your product could be tricky. It can make or break your business. Create a video Introducing the feature to different sectors of your crowd.
These are a few examples where a video would make more sense than the written word. However, this does not mean you should be abandoning the written word.
The key to better user experience is to provide multiple channels of knowledge and allowing the user to chose whichever they feel comfortable in.
  Alternatively, you could also use video to entertain your audience. Like for example, the video Sampath posted (found at the beginning of this article) is a weekly strategy he's been doing for a while. The video grab the attention of curious customers on a weekly basis, who end up either trying our Account-Based Marketing Product or purchasing high-end services offered by Intandemly.  

How Many videos Should we make

The More, The Better. By providing high quality and high quantity of videos, you are leaving a strong impression on your customers. This leads to your potential client taking less time to decide to pick you over your competitors. By watching your video library, they have already familiarized themselves with your face and brand.
A person and a company would trust someone who has more knowledge than themselves.

Any Brand I can take as an example


There's a reason more than 500,000,000 users watch Facebook videos daily. Because It is more interactive and required less of the consumer to consume content. By incorporating videos in your sales outreach, you are engaging the user, ensuring your reliability to the client and nurturing the leads to convert. We would definitely love to see how you have included videos in your sales outreach process. Love to read what you have to say, leave a comment.